The hall-end

In the hallway he looked at the door, still wondering if he should enter. The sign in the hallway clearly stated to not come in this direction, but that rule had already been broken as he had entered anyway.

So why was he hesitant now. Maybe because he wanted to know about the secret behind the door, yet was not sure if he wanted to find out.

Michael reached for the door knob. He looked towards the other end of hallway to check that no one was watching.

Before he had completely turned the knob, he heard a click sound from inside. The door wouldn’t open.

Michael asked,”Who is there?” and there was no sound. Not even a little snap.

He repeated again, and was met by a giggling sound this time.

“Why have you locked the door? What’s inside?”, he questioned.

The giggling stopped and a voice replied, “Nothing of interest to you.”

Michael wanted to break open the door but knew that he would only end up hurting his leg. He tried to peep thorugh the keyhole, but was startled to see another eye at the other end. Startled, he fell backwards and shouted, “Let me in!”

The voice replied, “okay. But first listen to this:

There are things that shouldn’t be seen,
Things that shouldn’t be made public
Because such stuff can change the time,
And turn peace into a cruel war.

“okay. Now open!”, said Michael.

“Have you no sense, boy?”, the voice replied again, “Listen to more:

As the boy approached the ring,
It’s power and his curiosity merged;
They both became entangled in each other,
Until the hobbit destroyed them both.

There was no reply. The eye inside the room peeped through the keyhole again but all it could see was the backdrop of an the colored wall.

“Where did the boy go?”, the voice whispered to itself.

All that was to be heard was a muffled snoring sound in the hallway.