Just a thought

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I often wonder where this world is heading to, such political tensions within and between countries, such migration, such show of power and such religion dramas.

And then yeah global warming obv. And nuclear weapons.

Life liked her

He was playing in the beach with other cousins when she arrived. He was in awe as he hadn’t seen her before and stared at her in the mud-yellow colored dress from a distance. He couldn’t concentrate on the game anymore. She came towards us and joined the game.

He thought he had to play the best so that she is impressed. They were in the same team, and he missed almost the same number of catches as her. He could see the beautiful smile, and swore that he hadn’t seen anyone smile so peacefully and freely. “Her happiness is contagious”, he thought.

Just being near her, his heart was filled with a kind of warmth one would find driving a sports car in an empty highway. The light brown-colored eyes made him lose his focus so often that he often ended up throwing the ball too close to the waves for others.The game ended and more people came. He had just recently started learning the name and relation of his whole family, almost forty people. They all went near the waves, so he also tried going in deeper because he liked how big the sea was. Or maybe he just wanted to prove to himself that he wasn’t weak. The waves hit hard but everyone stood firm, and by the end everyone was wet with sand-salt-water. He thought he might have drank at least a liter of that water by mistake and this could be a problem, so he decided not to go in anymore.

The cousins started playing catch again and he joined too. This time everyone was playing in the sea because the waves had calmed down. He looked towards the coffee stall set up at the back of the beach, there she was, still smiling and radiating happiness.

He went to the coffee stall and asked for a cup of coffee. She was still talking to her cousins, whom he didn’t know. He just knew a little bit about her, i.e. her name is Diane, and she is also studying in France just like him. It was in a different university though and that was the reason he hadn’t met her until now. And besides, he always tried to ignore the family meet ups. Up until now. Even on this trip, his family had forced him to come so that he could meet all the other family members even though he had protested. In the last he had given in and come here, without any expectation of enjoyment or fun. And not the least expectation of finding someone so beautiful.

A few minutes later he inquired one of his cousin about them and he was told that she was also a distant relative of his, and he felt so broken. He didn’t know what to think anymore, his heart had been squeezed.

Still, he managed to show a smile and still, that happiness of hers kept on reaching him. He thought, “Maybe she is a distant cousin, but if only I could learn how to live like her and spread happiness, won’t it be great.” He tried to abandon all thoughts of affection and just focused on having fun. And learning how to smile without forcing it. It was indeed an amazing day and an amazing start of the year.

“As long as this feeling is there, I don’t think I can ever give up. Neither on life nor on love. This is weird, I didn’t expect anything like this but if there is such a start to the year, then I am sure this year will be an amazing one. And I wish I can stay connected to her and learn to live.”