Albert Einstein

#morning #motivation #happynewyear #alberteinstein #moveforward #quoteoftheday In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

Make a difference this time! :)

I have never been able to understand people or able to listen to them. Or maybe I haven't even tried to do these things. I want to try to be better at that. I want to be able to listen and understand people and help them out. I want to keep my cool, have patience … Continue reading Make a difference this time! 🙂

Happy New Year!!

Trying to be perfect in this imperfect world?!

There are somethings you can't correct. Corruption in a country, An officer taking bribes, People being mean, Learning to live properly, Getting the right other-half, Making a perfect blog post. But still you try, because there is a wish to make things perfect. So try to make a perfect New Years anywhere you are.

Perfect picture to send :D