Take control of your life

“Put your head down and work hard. Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for yourself through hard graft and not giving up.” – Gordon Ramsay

Many people, not everyone, keep saying that I was not able to do because of him or her OR I was not able to get it because that happened. But really why are you blaming your own lack of enthusiasm and lack of perseverance and lack of commitment on other people or other things.

You need to understand that it is all on you. Don’t you think that the top athletes or the top celebrities feel sick? Don’t they face failures? Don’t they get hurt by others? Aren’t they berated by people? Everyone, literally everyone, at some point of time is hurt or is penalized but the point is what comes after that. What people do after they listen to the hate speeches or when they realize the betrayal of others.

Do they break down? DO they give in? Do they say ‘no more’? No. They understand what had happened, understand the mistake and learn from it. And THEY KEEP MOVING FORWARD. No matter the circumstances, they move ahead. That is the only secret to success. Nothing else, nothing more.

You ought to do whatever takes you closer to your goal, till it is morally correct. You need to keep trying till you achieve that one lifetime opportunity. And what after that? You take in the crowd, showcase that glamor of yours and keep working hard. That’s what means to be truly dedicated.

That’s what is achievement.

And that comes at a cost. You need to sacrifice those weekend parties or friends unions, or those binge watching and cola sips. So be mindful of what you want, and be mindful of what it takes to reach there. Because if you don’t know that, you will never be able to get there.

Outside Inside

You saw the outside,

The exterior, the beauty;

But what lies inside,

To know, isn’t your duty?

His ambition, his dream,

Always were strong;

Persistent, like a stream,

Sang the victory song.

He had worked hard,

In night or in bright;

Even if it scarred,

And diminished all light.

When defeated he rose,

Rose again from the ashes;

And made that brave pose,

Not afraid of anymore clashes.

But all you see, is the glass,

The paint glowing in the sky;

Because there is no class,

To answer the how or why.

So, friend, next time you say,

That he is big and fortunate;

Think of the hours he had to stay,

Working alone and late.

– Siddarth

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Robert Kiyosaki is an amazing author, and little can be said why his books are best-“selling”. The way he explains different situations, and beliefs with personal experiences is intriguing and enlightening. He believes that an individual can go only so far with talent/hard work, and can only propel their career through better marketing of themselves – which in today’s world is true.

Consider this – There are at least 7 billion people on this planet. And there are less than a million professions, right? In fact, major professions such as Writer/Author/Actor/Athlete/etc. are less than hundreds, and it is even harder to earn a name in these. Imagine, millions of people trying for the same! So you need to be different. But how? Here comes your marketing techniques.

Another motto in the book is for people to realize about financial planning and stop going bankrupt or otherwise when unexpected situations might occur during a lifetime.

Business does come with it’s own pain, i.e. at least for the first 3 – 5 years of starting a business, you have to put in tremendous efforts for it to succeed. This is not the case with jobs. People might come to realize that a job is boring/unfit for them, and thus job-hop often, which might keep their lives interesting. This way, people are able to acquire newer skills, more connections and are able to adapt more easily to different work environments. I think that I was learn a lot from his book, and is one reason I have become more interested in business.

People should try to invest more in start-ups, real estates and others, where there is a higher risk but a higher reward at the same time. These investment, if done after careful analysis, yields much better results than just investing in mutual funds or trading stocks. At the same time, you learn about new ideas/places/etc.

I really enjoyed the book! Hope I get a chance to read another of his work sometime later!

Family or Earning? or Earning for family? – A Short

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Rohit said in a serious tone, “Don’t call me now, I am in a meeting.”

Sona – “But this is important.”

Rohit was a bit angry now. He replied, “Are you serious? I am making money for the family. What can be more important than that? Stop calling. Please.”

Then he hung up on her.

The meeting went well, however there was this nagging question in the back of his mind. Did he actually had to be so hard on her? Couldn’t he have just listened to her for a moment. Nothing would have been wrong.

The mind replied, “No. I am so busy and stressed with the job. I am trying to earn here. I need more any more trouble or favors from anyone right now.”

But she is my wife. I need to respect her wishes, every single one.

The mind reiterated, “No. I am trying to earn here. I don’t want any trouble from anyone. Whether my wife or not.”

Okay. I suppose you are right. I am busy here. I need to work more.

It was 5 pm.

It was 6 pm.

At 7, he finally had some dinner by himself. I suppose I can eat dinner with my colleagues. It doesn’t matter that they work under me right? I mean we are all human beings in need of food at the time.

The mind replied, “No. You can’t do that. You are the boss here. You can’t eat with your employees. Do you even hear how ridiculous that sounds? You need to eat alone so that you can focus on the business while eating. That is how you work harder.”

But don’t you think it might be more productive if I talk to my employees in a more casual way. It might be good to know their views and what they think about current projects, obstacles and products.

The mind, as adamant as it was, shouted in the head, “NO! No talking to employees. You are the boss. Figure something out. If you start having normal conversation with employees, then you won’t be considered special and you won’t be respected.”

I suppose you are right. I am the boss here. I need the respect.

It was 9pm now. Finally it was time to go home. I will go and wish goodnight to the office while everyone is leaving.

The mind said, “I suppose that is fine.”


After around 15 minutes, everyone had left the building. Rohit was still in his car. There was also a guy who needed to go home, probably, but the bus stop was about half a mile down the road. Rohit recognized that he worked in the IT department in his office.

I think I can drop him at the bus stop in my car.

The mind said, “No. No way.”

But look, he needs to go to the bus stop. I will just drop him there.

The mind replied, “Don’t. Please. He is your employee, if you favor him once, he might ask you again tomorrow and then another day, and then everyday. You can’t help him.”

I am sure he won’t ask everyday. He does seem to respect me that much. It might be fine for just this once.

The mind replied angrily, “I said no. You don’t know if he will ask again or not. Maybe he won’t respect you anymore if you lend a hand of support. No. You are already paying a salary to your employees, what is the need to go out and support anymore more.”

I assume you are right. I am indeed paying them a salary already.

Rohit started the ignition, switched on the headlights and rolled away in his car.

He reached house in 20 minutes, mainly due to less traffic in the road at this late hour.

I wonder, what is it that Sona wanted from me.

Rohit rang the doorbell. Sona came and opened the door. She looked a little sad, probably because of their conversation on the phone.

Rohit asked, “What happened? I am sorry for that. I was really busy.”

Sona replied, “It is okay. I just wanted to know if you wanted to have dinner with me and Dhruv today. You have been so busy in office the last few days, so I thought a family outing wouldn’t be bad. Dhruv has also been missing you.”

Rohit – “That is why you called me? I told you I was in a meeting!”

Sona – “You are always in a meeting.”

Rohit – “Yes. Because I am working all day. Your teacher job is just from 9 to 4 in the morning. It is pretty much a half-day for me. I don’t have free time like that.”

The back of Rohit’s mind throbbed. Why. Why do you have to be like that. I mean, you came home. Just hug your wife and say that you will eat together tomorrow. Why not take some love.

The mind said, “No, because I am earning. For the family.

Yes. I wonder what is the use of that money.

While Son’a mind thought I just wanted to lighten his burden. Why does he act that way. I wish I could help him somehow. It pains me to see how hard he is trying. If only I could also do more.


An Inner voice?

He started, “I want to do something new. Something different.”

The inner voice replied, “Like what?”

“I don’t know. Something that makes me popular and gain respect. I want to be able to help people and create something.”

“What do you want to create?”

“I know I am not that great in any field that I will be able to innovate stuff, but I do want to create something. I want to be more involved in Arts. I can reach out to people that way, maybe even influence them.”

“Why Arts? Why not business? You can reach out to people through business also.”

“I can. I know if I put my mind to it, I can. But business is not what I want. I want to be able to do something at my time, I don’t want it to have a fixed recipe for everyday, go to office, work and then come home.”

“And you can get a better ‘recipe‘ for everyday doing Arts?”

“I think so.”

“Okay, let’s assume you are given the opportunity to be in Arts, then what will you do? and how will you pay?”

“The first few months will be very tough, as I will have to learn everything from the bottom to the top. I will have to go to the gym and train hard, play tennis, and so much more. Earning won’t be easy and I will have to do something else part-time too.”

“What exactly do you want to do in Arts?”

“I want to become a Model, and then an Actor. I like reading books, so I will keep doing that. I will also start writing. I will blog  news articles, quotes and Stories. And although this is in the Sports field, I also want to become an Olympic runner for my country.”

“But that will require a lot of training.”

“Yes. I know. That is why I play tennis and go to the gym everyday. My goal is to train physically for at least 3 – 4 hours in a day.”

“And that will be okay?”

“In the beginning yes, till my body becomes used to it. After that, If needed, I will train for more hours.”

“So you say, Model, Actor, Reading, Writing, Blogging, Running. Is that all?”

“Yes that is all for now. Oh yes, academically, I am learning programming. As they say, in today’s world, Programming is as important as alphabets.

“Are you sure you will be able to do so much?”

“Well. I think.

Don’t think. Just give me a Yes or No.”


“How will you manage all that?”

I did schedule what things should be done for how long in a day. If I follow this, then I am sure results could be seen just within half a year.”

“Oh? What is the schedule?

“Its not exactly a schedule, really. It’s more like a list of things I need to do for how long.”

“Sounds to me like a schedule. Anyway, tell me.”

“3-4 hours Exercise, 0.5-1 hour Reading, 0.5-1 hour Writing, 1-1.5 hour Blogging, 3-4 hours Programming, rest of the time Business or Sleep.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad. 1 year then?”

1 year.