The Firsts

Ignore the signs, follow the heart,
Lower your head, rise like a star;
Inside the mind, many questions arise,
Kissing your hand, all worries go afar.

Establish the code, now we follow,
Yours is freedom, mine is a cage;
Our relationship, this way it blossoms,
Under this roof, is written every page.

As we live slow, try and understand,
Till the night, starting every morning;
Hearing the calm voices, across this wall,
Interested, anxious, we are calm but burning.

You look at me, and come near the wall,
All’s left in between, is the metal door;
Shivering you slowly, put the key,
Harboring such feelings as love and more.

Eyes meet, and the world shatters,
Turbulence, Tornadoes conquer the heart;
Tonight is the night, freedom is achieved,
Yet the heart is caught in another charm.


A thought

#evening #thoughts #mistakes #heart #mind #life #corrections

Recently I was in a situation when I had to make a big choice, and I think I ended up making the wrong one. And it felt depressing.

But I have made my mind to correct the mistake, and I am sure if I have a firm determination then I will be able to achieve what I want, and correct the mistakes of the past.

Hey heart! Be strong! And don’t get distracted.

  • Yours Truly