And it is but a forced smile.

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He made a mistake, and was looking for help.

Here and there, he looked, as the crowd passed by –

Unmoved by life, nor moved by his problem.

He eventually stops looking and gazes down,

Thinking about his problem, What will be the appropriate solution?

Will I be able to even think of the ‘best’ solution?

He looks at the crowd again, but this time for a shorter duration,

Knowing there won’t be anyone, he looks down again.

There is no choice –

His problem is his own, with no one else to worry over.

Picking up his baggage, he strives forward,

Slowly by slowly, step by step he catches up.

Slowly by slowly he solves.

Closing in to the final moment, he fears,

Fears that he might make another mistake,

He slows down and works more carefully,

But he still solves, and forces a smile.

— Siddarth Jain


Make a difference this time! :)

I have never been able to understand people or able to listen to them. Or maybe I haven’t even tried to do these things. I want to try to be better at that. I want to be able to listen and understand people and help them out. I want to keep my cool, have patience and smile while making others smile. I want to give everything my 100%. I know these are not the goals you can really measure at the end of the year, it’s just who you become. But you know what, there will be a difference: you will like to listen to people and might be able to make them happy. You could hold someone tight and give them a push to move forward. You can hug them and help them out in times of need.

A guy with a brave heart

“This story”, he started in a soft voice, “is about a man. A man who sacrificed himself for the sake of protecting his comrades.”

“He was born an orphan. No parents, no uncle or aunts, no one. The orphanage behind the church told him that he was found there, on the footsteps of the church one night. Just like so many other children in the orphanage. No one knew anything about themselves or where were they from.”

“He was satisfied with the answer, thinking that his parents had been busy and that’s why had to leave him. But they will come back to pick him up someday. That’s why he tried to behave and be disciplined in the orphanage and didn’t create ruckus. But no one came.”

“It was on his tenth birthday, after the small celebration in the orphanage was over, he went outside in the ground. The moon was full that night and the bright light dazzled the ancient-looking playground. No. It wasn’t only the moon.”

“He touched his cheeks with his tender little fingers and found it was wet. Tears? But why? Why am I crying on my birthday. His birthday was on the day he had been found on the steps of the orphanage. He looked around as if searching for someone. He cried, ‘Mom! Dad! Where are you! I miss you so much!’

“A staff member heard him. She came out to the door of the playground. Should she go there? Will it be alright if she helped him and hugged him? Should she not interrupt him? Will going through this make him stronger? At last she decided not to interfere but watch him from a distance.”

“The boy was still crying. He didn’t make a sound now, just looked up at the moon and tears rolled down his eyes as water down a stream. Soon the tears stopped. The slight breeze that had been blowing, now began its work to dry the tears. Within half n hour there was no trace of the tears.”

“He now closed his eyes and whispered, Whispered to the wind so that it will carry his voice to every being on the earth. ‘I am alone’, he said, ‘there is no one else. Someone left me here but I made a family here. There is Yami, Ken, Yomo, Kone and so many others. But still something is missing, I feel empty from inside. Is this because of the wish of seeing my parents and getting disappointed every single time. If that is it then I will try to become stronger. Those who are loneliest ride the highest or drown the lowest, it’s your path to take. I will ride higher and higher, I promise. I will help everyone if I can.”

“He grew up to become a strong and honorable policeman. He often took the toughest of missions so that others won’t have to take it and succeeded because he wanted to keep on fighting and protecting others.”

“In one such mission he had to go undercover, and climb deep up the enemy ranks. He needed to become one of the top ranks in the enemy group so that he could be in on all the major intel. He had to become the enemy himself and even take the damage from police itself, sometimes even from his previous partners. Both sides had nothing but to oblige with the conditions of the mission. That was how far he was willing to go for his comrades. And he never stopped.”

“But soon the pressure from the investigation became too much of a burden for him. He was so used to being the enemy that he would often forget on whose side he really was. But fortunately the operation was finished within two years, all because of his help. Although till that time he had already become so exhausted that he didn’t had the patience or energy to continue on.”

His superiors, juniors and colleagues all admired him but at the same time felt pity for his condition. He understood that he won’t be able to continue his job as a law enforcer there, so he decided of quitting.”

“But his superior was too fond of him to let him go. The superior had been like a guardian to him since the last ten years, and he was worried about him leaving the job and wandering around. So he asked him to apply for the police academy. A teaching position. This way he didn’t have to be on the field and would rarely have to see the same people from the field unit, he would have a calm and sound life just what he deserved after his immense and commendable service.”

“He thought about it for a minute, considering his colleagues will be out of his sight, while he can still be connected to the police somehow. And there was also the chance to teach young talent, and be peaceful. The place seemed adequate, in fact exactly what he wished for. He said he will take up the job for a month and if he didn’t like it then he will quit. The superior was glad and he accepted his condition.

“He just joined to academy today, in fact his first class started about half n hour ago. And now here I am, so that’s my introduction. Could I know each one of you. the same way you know me now?

Another Short Story

He tried to blink his eyes. His vision was blurry. He could feel the blood over his eyes and face. He wiped the blood with his bare hands and then tried to pick himself up. There was a space left through the broken window. He would have to squeeze himself through it, he thought. He tried to reach the opening but something was blocking the path. It felt like he was being pulled back. He looked down and saw that a part of the seatbelt was still wound up around him. He had no idea how to pull himself through that. The buckle couldn’t be found and the latch was still tight. At last he surmised that there was only one way to get out. He picked up a piece of glass lying in front of him and started to cut through the belt. After about five minutes, the slow and steady process resulted in a dull snap and the belt came off. The right part of it rolled itself back inside like a snake running back into its hole. The wind had dried all the blood and none was rolling down his forehead, though the hand that had held the glass piece a while ago was bleeding profusely. He realised he will eventually bleed out if he didn’t stop the blood. Now he needed to find a piece of cloth. He looked around, there was a salwar cloth lying near the other seat. It was stained red with blood. Not caring about that, He reached out to it with ease and wrapped it around his hand. While accomplishing such a feat he was also thinking how that piece of cloth ended up there and what was it doing in his car in the first place. His memory seemed fuzzy and he couldn’t remember anything before the incident.

The broken shards of glasses made a crunching sound. He turned around but didn’t see anything near him. Again, there was this sound as if someone was walking with boots on the broken glass. He saw a faint silhouette of a person through the broken window. The person was wearing orange trousers and black boots. He hesitated. At last a guy in a government rescue clothes bent down and said, “Hi, I am James Bond, Are you feeling alright?”. He wanted to shout, “Of course he wasn’t okay!” but he couldn’t gather the energy to speak that much. He just said in a low voice, “Please get me out of here” and then laid down his head on the ground, exhausted after the coming-out-of-seatbelt-process. James felt sorry after hearing that barely audible request for help. He cracked the window slowly so as not to send pieces of glass flying on the person and pulled him out with ease. He saw the bloodied hands, it felt it had been slashed with a piece of glass. A part of the seatbelt was lying next to the man, and then James realised just what this man had been doing. He couldn’t look away from the hands that were still bleeding slowly, soaking the salwar cloth with blood. James rested the mans body on the stretcher. He asked him who else was in the car. The man didn’t understood the question, in fact the truth was that he couldn’t remember anything. He was lying face upwards with his eyes open, trying to remember anything, any scrap of memory that he might find in the remotest part of his mind, but all was in vain. He gave up, tears rolled down his eyes. He wasn’t able to understand the meaning of these tears, were they here because he had been saved? Were they really tears of joy? Or was something else the matter? He couldn’t think and eventually passed out within a minute.

James asked the two medics to carry him to the ambulance. He then looked at the back door of the car. Their was indeed blood around but was it that mans blood or was there someone else inside? He bent down, took an iron rod and tried to open the door. After putting the pressure about the fifth time the door screamed and finally fell off. He was shocked to see what was inside. There was a woman and she was covering a child, wrapping herself around him so as to protect that child from everything. He quickly took the child and then pulled the woman out. None of them were breathing. The child had no injuries and didn’t seem to have sustained any head blows but it was still not breathing. He couldn’t understand why. He tried to remember what he had seen when he had first cracked open the door. He gasped. His mouth was open in shock. He remembered the position the woman was in and where exactly the child was lying. He understood. He kicked the car with his foot, angry, on himself, on God, on everyone! The woman might have tried to save the child from any external and internal injuries by covering it tightly but because of that she hadn’t realised that she was suffocating the child. And while she was still holding the child she might have passed out or probably died while unintentionally killing the child as well.

James felt terrified, and tears welled up. He didn’t know what to say or what to do. He looked up at the sky as if searching for the ‘Why’. He couldn’t understand why. He gave up and asked one of the medics to help him out with the bodies. The walk back to the ambulance with the bodies of the child and the woman on a stretcher, felt like the longest walk of his life, as if the time had intentionally slowed down to the millisecond and was intentionally trying to make him feel the prick of all the needles of this world. James sat down in the front seat of the ambulance and asked the driver to hurry to the hospital. He felt pissed but he was helpless.