Lost Hope

The last man stands,
At the foot of the hill;
He had lost all hope,
But a change is what he needs.


A change of heart,
A change of goals;
A change of strength,
And a barrage of hope.


Then he feels the hand,
Pushing from the back;
Asking to move on forward,
And not to lose that hope.


It felt familiar,
He turns around to see;
But their is no one,
And yet tears roll down his cheek.


Maybe it was a wish,
Was it his own or;
Like a torch in the relay,
Was it passed to him.


He stands at the foot of the hill,
Contemplating what to do;
As the sun rises,
And the cow shout “moo”.


The environment had changed,
So had the dew;
A refreshing wish stuck,
On his mind like a glue.


And so he began,
The tedious uphill journey;
Ready to face obstacles,
Never to lose that burning.


As he treads up slowly,
Thinking about the people;
Don’t they have similar choices,
But what do they make of that?


Do they give up midway,
Or courageously push forward;
As he keeps moving forward,
Thinking what you will do?


Who is this person?
Ever hiding inside us;
Asking us to move on,
Even when we give up.


Is it the soul or the mind,
That we don’t know;
But we can actually believe,
Something inside us doesn’t lose hope!

– Siddarth


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When you are being employed by someone, it is like you are handing the baton/torch to that person. The baton/torch symbolizes that you trust the employer to lead you to a new level, and make you work hard enough to let your inner creator out. Many employees understand this but lack compassion towards the employer, and many employers understand this but lack compassion towards the employee. So how to correct this? There should be more discussions/product arguments between the employer and employee while keeping the conversation professional.

– Siddarth