Has humanity really gone to tatters? Just what is wrong with this world and some of the people living here. Why can’t we appreciate other people or other animals. Why is this simple thing so hard to get through? We are in 21st century, fighting amongst ourselves, blaming each other whether for the pandemic, for the poor decision making, for inequality and more.

Why can’t we all come together and stand united? How does the color of skin matter? You learn and understand people as you talk to them, get to know them. Can you really tell what skin color or what religion the other person is while talking on the phone? No. You can’t. You talk to everyone equally, be sweet with people who talk nicely, be rude to people who are abusive.

So why can’t we do this face to face? Where does the religion or color card come in. Are you stupid?

And then the worst people are there who harm creatures that don’t even have the ability to speak. Just read the article below… I mean how can anyone do that? 😔 Incidents such as these are heart wrenching.

Fucked up news.

At the end of the day, it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to educate others. Help others. And then who don’t listen, they need to be dealt with.

Immortals choice

From the depths of his heart,
He searched for a new life;
Lying that everything will be fine,
Even while his neck was on the knife.

He had known the pain of death,
Knew how it had taken his wife;
As well as the parents who were old,
And had gone to sleep with a smile.

But now the time was different,
In this twenty-second century;
When immortality was a common thing,
And death was not of relevance.

The fertility rate had dropped low,
That was something you give up;
If you had chosen to be immortal,
You won’t have any child luck.

As life continued without hassles,
It was a dream come true;
With immortality came such resistance,
That no diseases could effect you.

The philosophers said there was one drawback,
The only thing that pushed us back;
Was that people were immortal,
So there wasn’t progress in thinking ahead.

Alas, every thing has a pro and con,
At times it seems that the pros are more;
But as time passes and is seen,
You realize that the cons have pros shadowed.

It’s a trade that you will have to make,
To choose a life that is long;
Or to have a generation that is new,
What will you choose, to write this new song.

– Siddarth