Sanctuary Cities Trump Order: Blocked

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An executive order by President Trump that denied billions of dollars to ‘sanctuary cities’ as punishment for harboring illegal immigrants has been blocked by Judge William Orrick of San Francisco’s federal court. The phrase ‘sanctuary cities/jurisdictions’ remains vague in the law.

The executive order, if implemented, could affect more than 300 cities and counties. For example, the order threatens the transfer of $1.7 billion to Santa Clara County and $1.2 billion to San Francisco. The local communities are thinking that their local governments are being forced to work against them, rather than for them.

The judge said the key issue remained Trump’s repeated statements that funding is a ‘weapon’ to use against cities that resist his policies. That demonstrates the government’s intent, he said, and is unconstitutional.

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This is yet another blow to the White House and President Trump’s policies. And what is he going to announce for the first 100 days of his Presidency that he so fiercely quoted during his campaign.

H-1B lottery: This is the right thing to do.

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This is a really nice article I found on The writer, Harsimran Julka, describes his visit to the US in wake of the H-1B visa fuss several countries esp. India are dealing with. He has a conversation with a taxi driver in SF where she tells that she is a coder but has to work as a driver since A lot of coders from India have taken up jobs here, and are willing to work cheap.

He notices that almost every third face is an Indian in the area. Then again, every person in the United States, if traced down to second or third generation, is an immigrant including the President and First Lady. But one of the professors from Stanford university remarks that Most tech startups want to hire Indians – firstly, they are hard-working and secondly they possess the requisite tech skills. Indians are the enw whites in the tech industry now.

According to Trump’s new H-1B guidelines, it has named TCS, Infosys and Cognizant as the companies that were misusing the H-1B lottery system. Which in fact is true. IT giants such as these applied for a lot of visas than they actually need, while tech startups used to apply for only one or two visas as required. Because of the lottery system, the chances of IT giants getting most of the visas increased and a tech startup getting a visa came down to 0. Basically, you apply more and you stand more chance of getting the visa.

Hence, this new concept of focusing on merit as well as wages will be benefitting for startups all over the world who want to apply for a work visa.

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I don’t understand. Why do you not look forward to working for your country and developing it further, and instead support a company from another country halfheartedly?

Malcolm Turnbull says visa changes ‘carefully considered’

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Mr Shorten commented on Malcolm Turnbull that This is a guy who’s going to be tough on antique dealers and deer farmers but he’s still going to allow mechanics and nurses to come in from overseas. The comments come after more than 200 occupations such as actors, singers, deer and goat farmers, shoemakers, etc. were taken off a list of jobs that foreign workers were allowed to do in Australia.

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, also announced that the Australian government is considering new visa classification of ‘provisional migrant’.

Following in the footsteps, New Zealand also announced a ‘Kiwis first’ immigration policy, bringing it in line with Australia and the US.

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Well, all the countries are in for themselves, which is not a bad thing if they wish to grow and take better care of their own citizens first. However, if this continues, the coming world will be a cruel and selfish one.

US representative Nikki Haley’s mother couldn’t be a judge in India

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US representative to United Nations, Nikki Haley, said that her mother was not allowed to be a judge in India because she was a woman. She was actually put up to be one of the first female judges in India, but because of the situation with women, she wasn’t allowed to sit on the bench. But how amazing for her to watch her daughter become governor of South Carolina and US ambassador to the UN.

However, according to the records, a woman named Anna Chandy had become a judge in Travancore in pre-Independence India. She was promoted to District judge in 1948 and to a high court judge in 1959. She was able to sit on the bench and was allowed to function as a judge.

Haley’s parents emigrated from India in the 1960s and she said that she is proud to be the daughter of Indian immigrants who believe the family is ‘blessed’ to be American.

Haley also supported President Trump’s decision of banning six-Muslim countries, saying that there were more than a dozen other Muslim countries that were not banned. Hence, Trump was temporary banning the people and refugees because the rise in immigrants was making it hard for all the immigrants to be properly vetted. Thus, the administration was stopping them till the problem could be resolved.

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Well, I have no words for this one. Do you?

Trump, Merkel air differences

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The most telling episode of the visit between Trump and Merkel might have taken place in the Oval office where Merkel asked Trump if he wanted to shake hands for the cameras, but Trump did not respond. Trump, in the past, has accused Angela Merkel for ‘ruining’ Germany by admitting large number of Middle Eastern refugees.

Trump expressed appreciation for Merkel’s assurance that Germany is committed to increasing its military spending. However, there were clearly different views on immigration when Angela Merkel said that efforts to make borders secure and integrate immigrants must include “looking at the refugees as well, giving them opportunities to shape their own lives. The West should help countries who right now are not able to do so.

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Seriously, What has it come to? Not shaking hands with foreign diplomats, bringing past wiretapping charges on top foreign diplomats done by his own country, spending money and resources on false wiretap claims and being stubborn about it, discrimination , banning refugees, failing to garner support, A really screwed up healthcare plan. Do people even see what all has happened in just two months. How can you even imagine the product at the end of one year rather than at the end of his term.

Trump administration considering …

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Under a proposal being considered by the Department of Homeland Security, women and children entering USA illegally could be separated. The parents will be kept in custoday while they contest deportation or wait for asylum hearings. Whereas the children will be put under protective custody with the Department of Health and Human Services in the least restrictive setting.

Such measure might deter mothers from migrating to the USA with their children. Currently, families contesting deportation or applying for asylum are generally released from detention quickly and allowed to remain in the USA because federal appeals court ruling bars prolonged child detention. This will also help in the safety of children, who, often, are exploited, abused or killed by parents, relatives or smugglers.

About 54,000 children and their guardians were apprehended between Oct 1st, 2016 and Jan 31st, 2017, more than double the number caught over the same time period a year earlier.

Republicans in Congress argued that women are willing to risk the dangerous journey with their children because they are assured they will be quickly released from detention and given court dates set years into the future.

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Trump revised travel bans

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Under the new immigration enforcement policies, any immigrant who is in the US illegally and is charged or convicted of any offense (or even suspected of one) will now be an enforcement priority. These also include people arrested for shoplifting or minor offenses.

Crossing the border is a criminal offense and such individuals will be included in the list of enforcement priorities. Overstaying a visa comes second to that. The laws will make more broader use of a program that fast-tracks deportations.

Historically, the US has quickly repatriated Mexican nationals caught at the border but has detained immigrants from other countries pending deportation proceedings that could take years.

5,000 new Border Patrol agents and 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will be hired, however it is not clear in what time period this is to be done.

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