Policemen killed in Anantnag, Kashmir

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Six policemen travelling towards Anantnag town in a Tata Sumo vehicle were killed when militants ambushed them at Thajiwara Achabal. The victims were a Sub Inspector in Achabal and five constables.

The militants started firing and all the policemen were killed. The attack took place 17 km from the spot in Arwani where an encounter between militants and security forces was in progress. The militants are also accused of taking away the AK-47s that the policemen were carrying before running away. They also shot all the policemen at close range after killing them, thereby disfiguring the faces.

The Lashkar-e-Toiba acepted responsibility for the attack, and police mentioned that this was a ‘revenge’ attack since an encounter killed the militant’s local commander Junaid Mattoo.

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This is cowardly and sad. Is there really no way to get rid of all the militants/terrorists? People killing others, and afterwards shooting them at close range so as to disfigure them is complete maniacal, and proves that there isn’t any humanity left in them.

US names global terrorists

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The US state department officially named three individuals from different countries as global terrorists, adding them to the US terrorist sanctions list. Mohammad Shafi Armar, Ousamma Ahmad Atar and Mohammed Isa Yousif Saqar Al Binali were named as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Armar is a native of Karnataka, India and is the terrorist organization’s chief recruiter in India. He has been blamed for cultivating dozens of IS supporters involved in building the group’s operations in the country.

Atar is a Belgian-Moroccan national and is the one for establishing IS network in Europe, responsible for the November 2015 Paris attacks and is also connected to the March 2016 Brussels attack.

The third person, Binali, is a Bahraini who is known for recruiting Bahrainis to the group and appears in IS promotional videos.

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These individuals, influencing people and destroying the lives of others. I wonder if they can ever sleep in the night, and do they even know what’s right from wrong.

Shooting in GOP Baseball

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People haven’t shown there anger for President Trump…until now. James T. Hodgkinson (66), an unemployed home inspector angry with President Trump and his policies, attacked the Republican members of Congress as they held a baseball practice at a park in Alexandria, Virginia. The incident wounded Lawmaker Steve Scalise who got a bullet on his hip.

The gunman, Hodgkinson, had posted anti-Trump posts on his Facebook page, and had even written several letters to his hometown newspaper in which he blamed the Republicans for favoring the wealthy.

However, there were two heroic Police officers, who were wounded during the skirmish, took the gunman down preventing him from entering the field, thereby protecting the congressmen from getting killed. The gunman used a military-style rifle and a handgun to fire more than 50 rounds.

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Thanks to the police officers, the gunman was brought down. Such acts of violence shows the impatience and anger in the public, however such incidents aren’t the ways to benefit anyone. Look at it, the gunman was killed and police officers were injured, it didn’t go anywhere. Is it possible to have a solution for such conflicts without using violence?

Tower in fire – London

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Early morning on Wednesday, a fire broke out in a 27-storey tower in the White City district, London. Most of the residents were trapped inside their homes in the Ltimer Road’s Grenfell Tower at the Lancaster West Estate tower block. The smoke could easily be seen from most spots in the city.

Around 40 fire engines with 200 firefighters were involved in putting off the fire. The fire, that started in the 2nd floor, eventually spread to the top floor. There were a few injured that were treated as needed. London Ambulance service sent a number of vehicles to the scene.

Residents on the higher floors were reportedly flashing torch-lights to be rescued. The cause of the fire has not been ascertained yet. There is also fear among the people in the area that considering the seriousness of the fire, the tower might collapse.

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Please pray for speedy recovery for the injured.

I don’t understand though. Weren’t there any sprinkler system/extinguishers in the building itself to help a little with the fire. The fire spread from 2nd floor to the top floor, that takes time.

Farmers in India protest, Politicians create stir

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Rahul Gandhi was arrested when he attempted to visit Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh because of farmer protests in the region, where police had opened fire and killed five f the protesters. He had taken a bike to reach Madhya Pradesh border, because his convoy was stopped in Rajasthan.

Mr. Gandhi later met some of the farmers, who were protesting for better prices for their produce and loan waivers.

Another Political Party, AAP, asked the government that if it can waive Rs. 1,14,000 crore of loans taken by corporates, then why can’t they waive the loan of a mere Rs 30,500 crore of the farmers in Maharashtra. (I highly doubt it is that simple though)

Mr. Gandhi, in his usual form, mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot provide the right price for produce or give bonus, rather he can only give bullets.

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Here is a politician who wants to show off, and declare to the world “Yes! I am helping them.” rather than forming any strategies/plans, he himself is “encouraging” the protest and making matters worst. And seeing him, other political parties are following him since everyone is trying to garner even a little support in the Modi led country. These farmers, who are actually in pain, have become a way to publicize there own political parties and agenda, and boost their party ratings. Pathetic.

Notre Dame attacker; No deaths

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An Algerian student, acting alone, hailed “This is for Syria”, and attacked a Police officer in the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. The man attacked the police officer with a hammer and was then wounded by the other Police officers who came to the rescue.

The cathedral was sealed off by the police after the incident.

France has been under a state of emergency after an increase in terrorism activities since early 2015, which has taken lives of more than 230 people in the country. Seeing military roaming in tourist places along with the police is a common sight now.

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Fortunately there were no deaths in this case and the attacker was injured & taken into custody. Jesus heard the prayers of people inside the Cathedral. 🙂

Robbery in Manila Casino, people suffocated to death

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A gunman burst into Manila Casino at a resort owned by Travelers International Hotel Group inc in Philippines. However, he didn’t fire any shots at the people, and went straight to the casino chips storage room. He shot down the large TV screens and set a table on fire by pouring gasoline.

The man was able to escape to a hotel room where he had burned himself by lying down on the bed, covering himself in thick blanket and dousing himself in gasoline. The $2.27 million worth of stolen casino chips were also recovered.

Most of the deaths were caused due to incompetence of the security guards and staff, who also seemed to have panicked in the scene, and had tried to escape along with the people without following emergency procedures. At least 54 people were hurt and 36 died due to the panic and smoke inhalation.

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Please pray for the deceased and for speedy recovery of the injured.

This is strange. None of the victims were wounded with gunshots, rather they had fractures or smoke inhalation injuries according to the San Juan de Dios hospital.

Armed suspect held at Orlando Airport

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A man was screaming on the ground floor near the rental car area of the airport, in the International Terminal, as the cops surrounded him. He pulled out a gun saying, “You’re going to need mental therapy after this.”

It was around 7:24 when the first floor of terminal ‘A’ was cleared by the officers. Police had their weapons drawn at the airport which created a panic among people. And all the roads to the airport were eventually shut down.

Fortunately, no shots were fired either by the man or the police, and things were negotiated with the help of a crisis negotiator. And it turned out that the gun of the suspect was fake.

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That is good to know. No one was hurt and no shots were fired.

North Korea fires missile again

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North Korea’s third ballistic missile test and 12th missile test this year were carried out on Monday into Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), an area of water extending out to 200 nautical miles from the coast of the country.

Even after US show of military force (sending US Navy ships to the Korean peninsula), and much condemning by the international community, North Korea launched a short-range Scud, that flew about 450 kms before landing in the Sea of Japan.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe swiftly condemned the test and vowed concerted action along with its US ally.

Only China and US have mentioned that they are willing to enter into diplomatic talks with North Korea, only after it halts its missile and nuclear tests.

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So another missile launched by the Kim Jong Un regime, and yet another discussion panel to be set up by the international community. I wonder how long will this keep on.

Suicide bombers kill 3 policemen

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Two blasts, just five minutes apart, rocked the Jakarta’s Kampung Melayu terminal, killing three Indonesian police officers and injuring at least 10 people. The two blasts were carried out by two male suicide bombers, as confirmed after examining the scene.

Indonesia has suffered a series of mostly low-level attacks by Islamic State sympathizers in the last 17 months.

The explosives had been packed in pressure cookers, similar to that used by the lone attacker in Bandung in February.

Authorities believe that more than 400 Indonesian people have joined the IS group, and might pose a more lethal threat to the country.

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Please pray for dead and speedy recovery for the injured.