Colonisation details from Elon Musk

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Eventually, there will be a nuclear war, or an asteroid collision on Earth or a rogue AI, or environmental destruction that might cause problems to live on Earth. Well those are some of the few reasons Elon Musk is so interested in the Living in Mars concept or inter-planetary capabilities.

According to Elon Musk’s timeline, if all goes smoothly, the first manned mission to Mars can be held as early as 2023. And the idea of transferring 1 million people to Mars, thus starting a civilization, can happen in 40 – 100 years.

The lift-off thrust from the Earth will be 13,000 tons, quite tectonic, for a rocket to speed by and reach Mars in as many as 30 days. However, currently the cost per person to travel to Mars comes out to an approximate $10 billion, which should be reduced by 5 million percent according to Musk. Reducing the price will allow more people to travel to the red planet.

The spaceships design has been summed up as not complicated, however the critics point out that it runs contrary to the reputation of this field of science.

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A Mars vision, and sending a million people to the planet within 40 – 100 years. People won’t be wrong of calling Musk overly-ambitious, however he does hold on to what he says, like the re-usability of rockets, that is saving millions of dollars for everyone. So keep your fingers crossed.

City on Mars is possible

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Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, mentioned that human colonies on Mars are possible in our lifetime. He also described the options for expanding to a space-bearing civilization and the advantages of Mars. He compared possible spaceships and rockets designs and performance features.

At present, the major challenge that faces engineers and scientists is the need to reduce cost per tonne of transporting materials to Mars by five million percent.

Musk also mentioned that as seen in history, there always is an extinction event at some point that wipes the entire civilization aka doomsday event. Human will be extinct if they stay on Earth forever. And the alternative to that will be to become a multi-planetary species.

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Musk is right. There will be an extinction event in the far future, however most of the people are sure that humans won’t need an extinction event if the current trend in population and pollution keeps growing, leading to a man-made catastrophe.