US names global terrorists

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The US state department officially named three individuals from different countries as global terrorists, adding them to the US terrorist sanctions list. Mohammad Shafi Armar, Ousamma Ahmad Atar and Mohammed Isa Yousif Saqar Al Binali were named as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Armar is a native of Karnataka, India and is the terrorist organization’s chief recruiter in India. He has been blamed for cultivating dozens of IS supporters involved in building the group’s operations in the country.

Atar is a Belgian-Moroccan national and is the one for establishing IS network in Europe, responsible for the November 2015 Paris attacks and is also connected to the March 2016 Brussels attack.

The third person, Binali, is a Bahraini who is known for recruiting Bahrainis to the group and appears in IS promotional videos.

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These individuals, influencing people and destroying the lives of others. I wonder if they can ever sleep in the night, and do they even know what’s right from wrong.

Explosion kills 10, injures 22 in Baghdad

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A few members of IS remotely detonated bombs in a parked car in front of a popular ice cream shop in central Baghdad. The attack came just days into the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

The streets was chaotic after the blast, and a number of wounded lay on the ground. Others who could stand, lifted themselves to the colorful park benches outside the ice cream shop.

Very much the same, Baghdad was also hit by a huge truck bomb last year that killed more than a hundred people. The truck targeted a popular retail district in the city where people were shopping at the end of Ramadan.

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So IS (Illiterate Souls), continue their blasts without any care of the people of their own religion. And that too in the holy month of Ramadan. This is a shame.

Suicide bombers kill 3 policemen

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Two blasts, just five minutes apart, rocked the Jakarta’s Kampung Melayu terminal, killing three Indonesian police officers and injuring at least 10 people. The two blasts were carried out by two male suicide bombers, as confirmed after examining the scene.

Indonesia has suffered a series of mostly low-level attacks by Islamic State sympathizers in the last 17 months.

The explosives had been packed in pressure cookers, similar to that used by the lone attacker in Bandung in February.

Authorities believe that more than 400 Indonesian people have joined the IS group, and might pose a more lethal threat to the country.

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Please pray for dead and speedy recovery for the injured.

Babies named after Putin in Syria

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Syrian families are naming their children Putin as a mark of gratitude for the Russian President’s support for his Syrian couterpart in the six-year war, a government official said.

Not only that, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has also made Russian the second language in Syria in a show of showing gratitude for Russian efforts. He also donated land near Damascus for a Russian ‘school’ to be built.

Russian military and jets have helped Syria quite a bit through it’s war against IS. Russia even opposed the UN move of censuring Damascus for a chemical attack on a village earlier this month that had been blamed on Bashar Al-Assad.

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As if one wasn’t enough. Well, at least they are not naming them Trump for the US support. 😀

1 policeman killed in Paris by IS

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A french policeman was shot dead and two others were wounded in central Paris on Thursday night in an attack carried out days before presidential elections and was quickly claimed by the Islamic State militant group. The assailant was later shot dead by the Police.

The attack occured around 9 pm, when a man stopped his vehicle next to a police car. He got out of his vehicle, and shot straight at the police man six times. According to the Islamic State news agency, Amaq news, the attacker was named Abu Yousif al-Belgiki.

The police found out that he was a 39 year old French national, who had been known for previous violent crimes.

The Anti-immigration National Front Leader Marine Le Pen repeated her call for Europe’s partly open borders to be closed.

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It is strange, the questions are baffling. Whether a government should close it’s border to protect it’s citizens. But many of the terrorists attack are carried out by the residents of the country, who have been attracted by the stupid ideals of IS.

It will take 4 to 5 decades to clean up weapons in Iraq, Syria

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Due to the mines, improvised devices and other unexploded ordnance, in Iraq and Syria, spread across the region, it might take at least 40 to 50 years for the two countries to be cleared of the weapons.

Even in the post-World War II countries in Europe, sometimes unexploded ordnance is found till this day. Hence, the threats and changes of war can never be fully reversed.

Agnes Marcaillou, director of the UN Mine Action Service said that around $170 million to $180 million will be used per year to clean up the areas, and this includes a $50 million per year charge to just make Mosul safe, which is still held by Islamic State extremists. (This means, that for a total of 40 years, the cost can mount to be more than $5 billion).

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Post-War: A state of time after the war when both sides have exhausted countless weapons, lives and fortune. And the product is a broken region without a sense of purpose and the strength to survive.

Russian metro train bombing

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A metro train carriage was bombed in St. Petersburg on Monday, killing 11 people and injuring 45. There have been no proclamations as of yet, but the Russian law enforcement are suspecting a suicide bomber with ties to radical Islamist.

President Vladimir Putin visited the scene of the explosion on Monday night and laid red flowers.

Russian media broadcasted that a bearded man was being sought by the police for questioning, however he was cleared after the individual stepped forward and inquired. The human remains examined by the police said that the blast was carried out by a suicide bomber.

Many people in the Russian society see the metro bombing as proof that Russia should not have intervened in Syria to fight the ISIS, which is the reason such attacks are back to the country.

Two years ago, the Islmaic State group said it brought down a plane carrying Russian touriests home from a Red Sea resort. All 224 people on board the flight were killed.

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Please pray for the deceased, and wish speedy recovery for the injured.

I do not even understand what are these terrorists even fighting for. Earlier they said it was for religion, but no religion would ask another human to forcibly convert to that religion. So what is this for? What is this exactly? Trying to cling on the hope of taking control over the world by terrorism.

Air strikes kill 42 in Syria

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More than 42 people were killed and wounding more than a hundred in an air strike by unidentified warplanes on a village mosque in Aleppo province. The attack happened during evening prayers and most of the casualties were civilians. The village is held by rebel and Islamist groups, but no jihadist factions are present.

Abu Muhammed, a village resident, said that he saw 15 bodies and a lot of body parts in the debris when he arrived at the scene.

An AFP reporter at the scene said rescuers earlier left the wreckage site but were forced to double back when they heard moaning coming from the debris.

The skies over Aleppo are often busy with Syrian and Russian warplanes as well as US-led coalition aircraft carrying out air strikes. Russia has often denied allegations of civilian deaths in its strikes, whereas US-led coalition said earlier this month that at least 220 civilians had been unintentionally killed in its raids in Iraq and Syria.

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President to obliterate IS

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President Trump appears to be following through on the promise that he vowed to obliterate IS.

Dr Rodger Shanahan, a research fellow at the Lowy Institute, questioned “what do you mean by defeat”. If defeat means that US along with other forces will be able to take control of the territory from IS, then it is possible. But “obliterating” IS would not be possible as he warned that the foreign fighters who are left could return home, while homegrown fighters with vital support networks would be left to regroup, go underground, or join forces with other militant or jihadi forces.

As, US had announced that it will be deploying an extra 200 troops to northern Syria, adding to an already 500+ troops, it seems like it is partnering with the Kurds in the Raqqa assault, it can also be seen as entering into an indirect alliance with Russia, as well as with the Syrian government.

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Terrorist attack in Kabul hospital

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The Afghan special forces battled for hours against the IS terrorists, who disguised as doctors, stormed Afghanistan’s largest military hospital. The skirmish resulted in 38 people being killed, which included doctors, patients and nurses, and injuring 70 others.

A statement from Islamic State’s Amaq news agency said its fighters had attacked the hospital. The group also posted photos on social media that it said were taken by its fighters within the hospital, trying to confirm the said claim.

Three men wearing white lab coats began firing bullets after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a backdoor entrance. This bloodshed was followed by two other loud explosions – including a car bomb in the hospital’s parking lot.

Afghanistan is often under attack by Taliban as they deplorable and disgusting methods like suicide bombs and car bombs to attack people and instigate fear. However, Afghan Taliban denied and responsibility and connection with the attack, as it is known to distance itself from attacks on medical facilities.

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