Barcelona out of Champions League!

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Not every other match can be a miracle. Barcelona lost to PSG in the first match by a score of 4-0 but came through in the next match with 6-1, a miracle against a team like PSG. Just in the next game, Barcelona was defeated by Juventus FC by 3-0, and many of the supporters were wishing for a miracle come back once again.

But all hopes were lost when the 2nd leg match between Barcelona and Juventus FC ended with a tie 0-0. Lionel Messi came closest to giving Barcelona a route back into the contest with four strikes at goal but failed to hit the target with any of them and frequently came up short against Juve’s intimidating center-back pairing of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci.

Although Barcelona increased their possession after the half mark, and many of it’s players were in the enemy’s half showing an attacking formation, Juventus was always ready for all the confrontations.

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This is sad. The team who won 4-1 against Granada FC, when it was the first time I visited a Soccer stadium to watch a game, is out of the Champions league. Well, I do wish Real isn’t knocked out. #GoRonaldo

Juventus defeats Barcelona in CL quarter-final

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Paulo Dybala, an Argentine forward, helped Juventus win the match against Barcelona by scoring twice before the midway point. A third goal by Giogio Chiellini in the early second half left the complete control of the match in Juventus’ hands.

Barcelona made history by beating PSG in the second match by a score of 6-1, even though they got defeated in the first match by 4-0. This win was a huge step for Barcelona to land its position in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

And now, Barcelona is in the same spot with a score of 3-0, and needs to win by a difference of 3 or more goals in the 2nd leg of their quarterfinals against Juventus, to move forward. Will Barcelona be able to pull off a miracle again?

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I am a Barcelona fan, but still miracles don’t happen in every other match. _/_