Journal #15

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up!” – Stephen Hawking

Day 15. March 14th.

Today was a rough day, especially as the day went by.

Went to college, attended a few classes, even submitted an assignment on time! One of the courses seems so tough because of my absenteeism that I feel like I am falling way behind everyone else.

Had lunch and then went to office. Didn’t have much work today, except the same import stuff confusion that had been going on for a while. After coming back home, I did apply to a couple of programs in Harvard Business School online. Hope I get accepted to them.

Considering there is so much on my plate right now, I need to segregate and plan things better or else everything could crumble.

On the positive note, I did step up and apply to the programs that I had been deciding for so long.


Every single time, you are reading something,
Or watching something on the screen;
All the time you intake that information,
Building your knowledge, still being keen.

And yet their is something that you miss,
Something that you didn’t believe exists;
The library of knowledge in the world,
Lies everywhere, just like the mist.

Some grow up to become doctors,
And have the knowledge of the body;
Even then some treat mouth, some bones,
It is all divided so that healing isn’t shoddy.

The others become lawyers or engineers,
Or scientists, or athletes, or artists;
The categories that exists are numerous,
And so is the knowledge in every field.

Some are those that think about life,
They want to find the answer of the ‘question’;
“Why were we brought here” and “Who did that”,
Such a knowledge isn’t available, they learn.

So the best we can do is to entertain our mind,
Gather as much knowledge as is possible;
Learn new things, innovate new items,
Enough to have your efforts laudable.


Leaf like insects – Phylliidae!

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Did you know?

Yes! There are leaf like insects, so similar that it will be hard to tell the difference if they didn’t have head and feet. Here is a picture:


Too hard to tell?

The creatures were first found by Antonio Pigafetta, he mentioned: (Taken from Wikipedia)

In this island are also found certain trees, the leaves of which, when they fall, are animated, and walk. They are like the leaves of the mulberry tree, but not so long; they have the leaf stalk short and pointed, and near the leaf stalk they have on each side two feet. If they are touched they escape, but if crushed they do not give out blood. I kept one for nine days in a box. When I opened it the leaf went round the box. I believe they live upon air.

Now, touch every leaf carefully, who knows if it might be a Phylliidae? 😛

Dr. Benjamin Bloom (1956)

The Bloom’s Taxonomy establishes six levels of thinking. They are as follows:

1. Knowledge – Building awareness of a topic

2. Comprehension – Understanding a topic

3. Application – Knowledge and Comprehension put to practical use

4. Analysis – How the topic works and affects other topics

5. Synthesis – Combining Knowledge, Comprehension, Application and Analysis of multiple topics together

6. Evaluation – Judging the value of a topic

Here is where you can read more!