Respect, No?

In a country like ours,
Whom do we respect;
Do we even see how,
Or what are our behaviors effect.

We ride through the lights,
Thinking that it is “cool”;
Abusing the traffic laws,
And calling who follow it, a ‘fool’.

We spit on the roads,
Or throw the trash on it;
Not thinking that it’s our country,
And we should make it lit.

We don’t care about our police,
Or, for that matter, even our military;
Not even appreciating them as they pass,
Oh, we only criticize them as they bury.

We don’t care about our politics,
Nor for the politicians we care about;
Looking at the corruption and damages,
We gave up hope and the voice to shout.

When did we stop caring about places,
Even the places we ourselves live;
We pollute our own air and rivers,
And then comment how polluted it is.

We give way if it’s the car of a politician,
But we don’t care about an ambulance;
Because, of course, the power of politics,
Is more significant than the critical person’s glance.

We are scared to help anyone,
Leaving them to fight their own battles;
But doing such has raised the crime rate,
These wolves often catch the people, the cattle.

We have stopped respecting each other,
Or anyone in this diverse country;
We blame different religions for mistake,
But don’t even follow our own religion.

What does the future hold in a place like this,
Is it bright or this is going to get worse;
How will the people change in this country,
Will they spread happiness or will they curse?


Trump revised travel bans

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Under the new immigration enforcement policies, any immigrant who is in the US illegally and is charged or convicted of any offense (or even suspected of one) will now be an enforcement priority. These also include people arrested for shoplifting or minor offenses.

Crossing the border is a criminal offense and such individuals will be included in the list of enforcement priorities. Overstaying a visa comes second to that. The laws will make more broader use of a program that fast-tracks deportations.

Historically, the US has quickly repatriated Mexican nationals caught at the border but has detained immigrants from other countries pending deportation proceedings that could take years.

5,000 new Border Patrol agents and 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will be hired, however it is not clear in what time period this is to be done.

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