Saved by rain?

The day had come when he had to lead,
His team, his friends on that ground;
“But what will the result be”, he thought,
As he walked through the crowd.

So much cheering and following,
How had this happened in a year;
Or was it because the previous captain,
Had led the team well everywhere.

Will i be up to the mark?
Since this is my first time leading;
Standing on the ground, he looked up,
From the sky, as a drop fell down.

No, no, he asked the sky,
Wishing that it will go away;
But only in the blink of an eye,
All was wet, that was once dry.

As the energetic team hurried in,
The crowd asked for what was billed;
But within ten minutes, every kin,
Knew that the game was cancelled.

He sat there on the bench,
Hands clasped and looking down;
The teammates formed a circle around,
And cried we believe within.

He stood up and joined the circle,
Looking at each he said;
All are my teammates,
And I support you whether heaven or hell.

This all happened on a single day,
When the clouds poured down the rain;
The crowd didn’t even have a say,
And the captain didn’t lead the play.

– Siddarth

The Cycle!

Fight! Because that’s how you will resolve.

Resolve! Because that’s when you will research.

Research! Because that’s when you get a chance to build.

Build! Because that’s when you can win.

Win! Because that’s when you will be able to rule/give.

Rule! Because that’s when you will be able to Fight again.

Do you run? Don’t run too far ahead.

She asked him, “Why do you run so much? Don’t you care about others?”

“I do”, he replied, “I just like running. To be more. To become better. To be the best.”

“So you want to be the best?”

“Yes. That pretty much sums it up.”

“Where do you want to reach?”

“To the top. Become the best in a field.”

“So you leave everyone behind. You just focus on your task and don’t hang out with others?”

“Yes. SO? You need to be dedicated to become the best. This is important.”

“okay”, she replied with an annoyed expression.

After a minute of silence, he finally spoke, “What?”


“Just spit it out now.”

“Okay. You say you want to be the best, and that’s why you don’t want to hang out with others. Can’t you meet friends at least once a day or just alternate days, for an hour? That isn’t much.”

“But you know, I need to be focused. With friends you need to control yourself to not get involved any further in plans.”

“So don’t get ‘involved’ any further in plans. Just chill out for an hour in a day. It will do you good. And will help you stop taking those pills.”


“Yeah. Your mom told me that you take stress pills. Seriously, is being the best worth it if you have to do it like this.”

He was silent. He had no answer to that question, all he had wanted was to be the best. He didn’t have a reason, or he never tried finding one.

“You seem so broken. Do you even know why you are trying this hard?”, she said as if reading his mind.

He was dumbfounded. After a second of realizing that she had asked something, he spoke, “I just want to be the best.”

“But why?”, she repeated, her eyes wide this time.

“I don’t want to be left out. I want to become better so that people respect me. And yeah, I need to buy cars, so I do what I can do best to earn money from it.”

“So that means you are basically after money? And a sense of devotion from people?”

“Not really. I want to be remembered as being the best in that field.”

“Okay. That’s more like it. But still, its related to people. You seem to have a tough childhood.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Nothing. So back to my first statement, I was saying that if you kep working this hard, you might be able to reach your goal.”


“So, when you reach there, and you haven’t connected with everyone, then do you know how you will feel. It will be lonely. You will turn back that you have left everyone behind. Your enemies, your competitors, your family and your friends. Everyone.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“I don’t want you to be lonely and broken in the future. Many celebs get lonely and turn to drugs. I don’t want you to be like that.”

“So is there some magic strategy that can help me achieve non-loneliness and yet be the best?”

“Yes. I just told you. Just spend a little time with others, friends, family, etc. Then you will have people, wherever you walk or wherever you run.”

“That sounds tough.”

“I bet.”

“I will give it a try.”

“You should give it a try.”

He smiled and said, “Well have to go now. It’s time to for some programming.”

“There you have it again. HaHa. But you spent a bit of time with me so I won’t complain. But make sure to do this everyday. Not necessarily with me, but with any friend or family. Or even strangers, get to know them.”

“Hmph. Fine fine, enough of your lecture. I will keep this in mind. See you later.”

“See you then.”