Thankless Jobs.

I am like this piece of blank paper. I don’t know where my steps will lead me to, but I sure need to focus all my efforts into making this a success, Amish thought as he opened yet another blank page to write down the new chapter.

The bell sounded; someone was probably at the front door. Amish looked up from his laptop for a second, didn’t care and began to stare on the blank page again. A minute passed by. The bell rang again, and Amish repeated the same step of in-action.

As the bell rang for the third time, Amish got up with a sigh. Where is that secretary now. What do I even pay her for if she can’t even answer the door, he thought as he walked to the front door with sluggish steps.

He saw the person through the eyehole, was astonished a bit and unlocked the door. He watched as his secretary walked in with two heavy grocery bags, and asked, “Umm… What? Where were you Tina?”

Tina was surprised by the question. She replied back, “Can’t you see these grocery bags? I just came from the grocery store. I bought eggs, milk, fish, snacks, Oreos and some drinks as you requested. You asked me to just a while back?”

“Oh yeah, I did, Didn’t I. Well good that you are back. Can you cook me some omelet and pour me a glass of wine? Thanks Tina”, and he walked back to the study before Tina could even reply.

Man, what a tiresome person he is. Does he actually appreciate this or just finishes the statement with ‘Thanks’? I have been here for more than two years now and he hasn’t changed one bit. A good thing is that he still writes amazingly well. Although, those questions from him regarding the stories he writes, and knowing the story way before than others makes it worthwhile, Tina was in thought when she heard Amish ask for the omelet again. She sighed and went to the kitchen.


Happy Woman’s Day!

Let us celebrate this special day,
Remembering the woman who led the way;
For they were changing the history,
Whether it was October, or May.

Harriet Tubman, the railroad conductor,
Who advocated civil and women’s’ rights;
As a nurse as well as a spy,
Showed woman how to stand with pride.

Then there was Anne Frank, whose diary,
Still breathes of the life in Germany;
It is a journal with much hope and faith,
Even while being surrounded by enemy.

And we all remember Mother Teresa,
Who devoted her life to the poor;
Helping, Feeding, Sheltering them,
She gave thousands a front door.

Oprah can be seen everywhere now,
Working and reporting every single day;
The confidence she faced all her obstacles,
Is motivation in itself, all the people say.

At this age, everyone knows of Madonna,
The singer, the actress, the businesswoman;
She is all, but what she is at the core,
Is the confident bold woman one wants.

And yet, there are so many more,
Who have changed the way of the world;
Don’t you forget the worth of a woman,
For she is the one who raise you with care!