Jack Ma

Instead of learning from other people’s success, learn from their mistakes. Most of the people who fail share common reasons (to fall) whereas success can be attributed to various different kinds of reasons.


Every single time, you are reading something,
Or watching something on the screen;
All the time you intake that information,
Building your knowledge, still being keen.

And yet their is something that you miss,
Something that you didn’t believe exists;
The library of knowledge in the world,
Lies everywhere, just like the mist.

Some grow up to become doctors,
And have the knowledge of the body;
Even then some treat mouth, some bones,
It is all divided so that healing isn’t shoddy.

The others become lawyers or engineers,
Or scientists, or athletes, or artists;
The categories that exists are numerous,
And so is the knowledge in every field.

Some are those that think about life,
They want to find the answer of the ‘question’;
“Why were we brought here” and “Who did that”,
Such a knowledge isn’t available, they learn.

So the best we can do is to entertain our mind,
Gather as much knowledge as is possible;
Learn new things, innovate new items,
Enough to have your efforts laudable.



An average college student to his professor:

Tell me, what do you do and what do you do it for?

Because I have a reason to live, but I don’t have a reason to keep accumulating wealth.

I don’t have a reason to keep earning magnificently, Why is it wrong to be an average person and have an average income?

Isn’t it better to have a person to love and spend equal time both with them and with your work, because both are important.

If this is wrong, then tell me why is it? You say we have only one life to live, so then why live it for the wealth and not for the love. Yes, Earning is important, that’s why have a normal job which is not very stressful and provides you with adequate income. Then again, I want to understand why do people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and others, do what they do. Is it for creativity? For Humanity? Just sheer passion? Love for new concepts?

Maybe if someone explained, I will be able to understand. Why people do what they do.

Professor: Just come to class man.