The faded light

Should I write the words that inspire,
Or should I write the truth;
But are those two different things?
It depends on your perspective.

Since you were born you have felt that light,
The slight ache in the back of your mind;
The moment you do something wrong,
Or the time you were not kind.

For no man is a holy one,
And nor are the women;
We both are equal in this life,
Both are good with a sword or a pen.

So both see this fading light,
That was once bright when born;
But as the life passed us by,
It has changed to its shriveled form.

Is it true then, throughout our life,
We face such disastrous calls;
Although there are the goods ones too,
We remember mostly the horrific falls.

Now do you question yourself,
Which I am sure you must;
For you and I, both are human,
As together we live in this world of ‘lol’

All I say is have the light,
Even if it isn’t a holy one;
For having a light and helping in kind,
Is much greater than a church hall.

I apologize if I have hurt,
Since I am not a religious soul;
All I want is a little happiness,
For everyone in this world of all.


What kind of life?

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What does it mean to have a life,

Is it to raise kids and work from nine to five,

Or to get drunk and go out on a drive,

Perhaps to earn money and be filled with pride.

Some work hard, and go through their day,

They are scolded by their boss, yet they never fade,

They work endlessly trying to make an impact,

But they grow slowly, because something still they lack.

The others work hard, and don’t care of the world,

These are the students that you find in every turn,

Oh, what were those days of our childhood,

No money, No loneliness, all depended on our mood.

Then you have these the big rich businessmen,

Trying to make more money when they can,

Because money is everything, high or low,

Yet the more they earn, the more they want.

Then come the stupid ones, working when they can,

They meet deadlines, and enjoy after that,

They care about money but not too much,

They do save, but spend the rest on themselves.

But life is not a game, nor is it a challenge,

Earn and enjoyment, both are there,

Both can be done at an equal pace,

For the stress kicks in if not the equilibrium.

There are different people in this world,

Some know how to live, and some know to earn,

Some save their money, Some spend it tonight,

I insist, save some, spend some, and be bright.

– Siddarth

The night

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What have you gotten from the night,

That had ripped you from the existence of light?

I got to understand another light,

That was here since long, but I had failed to realize.