When did it all start,
The life of a youth at ten;
While it was the 5th class,
It was just homework and Ben.

Skipping to fourteen, things had changed,
What was once an innocent;
This mind had become bold,
How did it get this dent?

We proceed to sixteen,
To high school we now come;
More parties and drinks,
The time youth, all of it, learns.

Now we remember that time,
When we were all young;
There were no worries,
Whether money or of lung.

We weren’t too small as,
We used to study and go out;
Nor were we too mature,
To think about the right or doubt.

Oh, what was that time,
With those late night drives;
Oh what was that time,
Everyday with friends, you did high fives.

So to the youth of today,
I ask you to study, but;
At the same time ‘enjoy’,
Because this time will be cut.

Make mistakes, do new things,
Roam the world and learn from it;
Make more friends, fight with them,
Impress some and hangout often.

– Siddarth

J.K. Rowling

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Many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are.

Do you have the answer?

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Do you have the answer, an answer to

What is that you want? Does the answer stay,

or it wavers every-time life knocks you down,

If it wavers, you aren’t what you want to be,

If it stays, there isn’t any other place suited for thee!


Do you have the answer, an answer to

What describes you? Is the answer quick,

Or it takes time to come to your mind,

Because if it takes time then you aren’t sure,

About the kind of life you have been living up to now.


Do you have the answer, an answer to

Why is that you live? Is the answer short,

Or is it long and filled with random reasons,

Because if it is long then you don’t know,

You don’t know the reason you have been living.


Do you have an answer, an answer to

What is love? Is the answer simple,

Or you are silent for a duration,

Because if you are silent, then you know,

That you can’t really describe a feeling in mere words.



Just continuing the rhythm

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I took the leap, without thinking of the height,

When I saw down by the river in the light

On reaching, I embraced you with all my might

To be sure, to never let go for countless nights.

— Siddarth