Lost words

Heading towards home,
I ran into you;
And the breeze that swept your hair,
Made me see your face.

I wanted to apologize,
As you gathered the fruits;
But lost were the words,
That had kept me on my toes.

You looked rather annoyed,
As I kept on staring;
No apology, no support,
With just a creepy looking face.

As you stood up,
My eyes followed you;
Walking away you said,
“Too many idiots in this queue!”

I watched you go away,
Fading away in the horizon;
I still wanted to speak,
But lost those words in the sun.


A lost love

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I asked, “What do you want to do today?”

It was a nice weather and there were a good number of people on the beach. That was one good thing having a room with balcony on the 45th floor. And from this view you stare at the vast expanse of the sea for hours. The sun still seemed to have an hour before it would go down the horizon and leave the city in darkness. Actually no. This city, especially this area, how can I even forget how lively it was last night. The lights from the buildings around covered the area in such light that a person would never feel that the sun had set. I suppose traveling here was a different experience after all. Business is slow, and this is probably the best month to take a trip. I am sure that in a month or two business will be so hectic that it will be tough to keep up.

“Hey. What are you doing over there? I am sorry, I dozed off again. I was so tired last night.”

“And drunk.”, he replied jokingly.

“Yes. Yes. And drunk. Thank you for not drinking and driving me hotel. Don’t know what will happen to me without you.”

“You will be a mess. Obviously.”, he looked at her and smiled, “So what do you want now? Breakfast? or… dinner?”

“Yeah, Yeah. Enough with the taunts. Thank you, I will get up and take a shower. Then let’s go out.”

“What? You want to drink tonight also?”, he was surprised after hearing her.

“No of course not. Idiot. Let’s go have dinner. And you can drink if you feel like, let me take care of you tonight.”, she winked after finishing the sentence.

“Sure. Let’s both have a glass of wine… or champagne. I am sure you won’t want wine after yesterday night.”, he joked again.

“Yesterday night? What? Did I do something? Too much wine?”

He was surprised that she didn’t remember, then again he was accustomed to it. He replied, “Chuck it. Nothing happened. Well at least nothing you would be happy after listening. Haha. Go shower, then let’s go for dinner.”

“Fine. Keep it a suspense, I am sure it would be bad like other drinking stories.”

“Well, I think … bad is too decent.”

“Really? Either tell me or don’t say things like that.”

“Fine, I will tell you over dinner. Go shower now.”

“Alright Alright. i will be back in ten.” and saying that she went to the bathroom naked.

He turned around and stared again at the sea. The ocean seemed so vast. The sun was still there. And business was there too. But most of all, his wife was there, her memories were there. He came back to this same hotel, booked the same room every time, and replayed the same conversations of his wife.

He looked at the ocean, and thought about the person he had lost, yet the love he had still kept on growing.