Getting humans to the Moon

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According to the agency, the White House is prompting NASA to ass astronauts to the Moon Exploration Mission-1 next year.

The last time we traveled to the Moon, the world was very different. Astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent three days on our trusty satellite, collecting moon rocks, taking pictures with a then high-tech grainy color camera, and repairing their lunar rover with old-fashioned duct tape. On December 14, they blasted off the surface of the Moon in their disposable command module and returned to become the last humans to ever leave low-Earth orbit.

However as the U.S. economy contracted from oil crisis and recession, the spending on the Apollo program became unpalatable to politicians and future moon landings were abandoned.

In fact, today the devices in our pockets are much more powerful than the Apollo astronauts had. Hence the powerful technology will allow more space for crew on a craft that is smaller and lighter than the original Apollo spacecraft.

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Swiss firm acquires Mars One Project!

The Dutch, Mars One Foundation and British Mars One Ventures were aiming to send an unmanned mission to Mars in 2018. The companies announced last Friday that it had been acquired by InFin Innovative Finance AG. This takeover, furnishes a well built and funded path for the Mars One project.

The aim of Mars One project is to send manned missions to Mars by the year 2026, prior to which it plans to send several unmanned missions to the Red Planet for testing the environment.

Even NASA doesn’t have any manned missions planned before the 2030’s. We wish Mars One project luck and also wish to see an inhabited Red Planet soon (almost two more decades!)

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