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Sorry for the late post. Have been busy travelling all this time! Here is me. 😊

Past – Future

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Each one of us has a past. Some of it is good, and some is bad. And every person carries the burden of his/her past as they live. They carry the weight of the wrong decisions they made, and the warmth of the right ones. They carry the burden of the chances not taken, and carry the consequences of the chances taken. They carry the connection with others they met along the way, and they carry the loneliness when there was no one to support them.

But what you are doing right now, what you are right now – is it a sum of all those events, those experiences and those people? If that is the case, is it necessary to remember all what has passed through, or close your eyes and work in the present.

Do you want to carry on the burden or the happiness of the past and be drunk in those thoughts of the past? Or do you want to do something now and live for the moment? Of course, we might do something right now, to seek something more from it in the future, but those are all dreams and desires.

You see, the future everyone imagines, everyone craves, is a happy one and a blessed one. The past everyone has might be happy or might be sad. So look forward, towards the future, and pounce on that chance of happiness, instead of living and thinking of the past.

The night

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What have you gotten from the night,

That had ripped you from the existence of light?

I got to understand another light,

That was here since long, but I had failed to realize.

Well… kind of a poem

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It’s so hard, the beating of my heart,

That when I look at you, it makes me sad;

I wonder if I will reach you, with this work,

Or am I just fooling myself, dreaming about being with you.

You know it’s strange, how much I think,

Think about the work, what I can do, and about you;

It makes me smile, cry, shriek, curl up, dry,

But when I look at you, it makes me fly.

I see your eyes, filled with happiness,

Is it the hard work shining, or is it just teasing;

I will reach you, I tell that to myself,

Because I want to own that smile, and kiss those lips forever.

But life is weird, every single day,

Sometimes I breathe, other times I shake;

Full of surprises, life is,

And surely one surprise, will be you one day.


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As you grow up, you realize: Either the world moves you or You move the world.

Most of the people are satisfied with the first option. Which one are you?

Do you?

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I often think that what if I fail in this task? I should do that other task just as a backup so that I have something to fall back to. Am I too afraid of accepting failure? Two or three task like this okay, but if you have more than five to fall back to?

Well then you aren’t confident in yourself to do the first task properly. In fact, you are almost sure inside that you will fail.

Let’s change the thinking now. Put in your max efforts, do have things to fall back to but just a couple should be fine.

Be confident in yourself. 😘☺️