Hidden song of a man

Do you know the one who doesn’t cry,
Laughing it out loud at all times,
Showing his teeth, trimming his beard,
He looks at the mirror as time flies.

Do you know why he doesn’t cry,
Is it because the society doesn’t accept,
Or he needs to be strong for someone,
And console them while they ooze tears.

Do you know if he wants to cry,
Because he puts a smile on his face,
Whether it’s low score or low salary,
While his heart is solving life’s maze.

Do you know ‘what if’ he cries,
There are millions stronger than him,
Or so they would appear to be,
Hence don’t drop a tear in that fear.

So you know when he cries,
Yes, He does that while lying in the night,
As he stares up at the stars,
Gazing at their beauty and shedding tears.



Who was it that gave you birth,
Was it a man or a mother;
I am sure you remember,
Those subtle hands as they held you nearer.

Who is the one that hears your screams,
As you cry out in the night;
Feeding you with her own self,
As you grow up in her light.

But do you think today,
We do justice with her;
Or the other woman on this earth,
Can you see them in the eye?

Frankly speaking, all they need,
Is a desire to stand on the height;
The same height you stand alone,
And support each other in this fight.

A woman works day and night,
And so does a man in the role;
And yet why is there a difference,
In the salary they get after reaching home.

A woman can be much more sincere,
More than what anyone can think;
Then why are they rarely accepted,
For top executives role, any link?

There are some who ask for empowerment,
And some fear to speak their thought;
Why can’t we all help each other,
So on equal footing, the battles are fought.

What is the right thing to do here,
How can we empower each other;
Because only after we see others as equals,
Can this world evolve, my brother.