Microsoft Andromeda?

Microsoft Surface device, code-named “Andromeda”, is planned to be released sometime in 2018 or early 2019.

The device is expected to come with a dual-screen display, since it had been seen multiple times in patents for a ‘pocket-able Surface device’. It is believed that the device will be one of a kind, further blurring the line between a Personal Computer and a Handheld Mobile device.

Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with stylus input for Andromeda, so that the device could fold over like a book and a pen could be used to capture digital ink.

Although it is not clear if the company will use Intel or Qualcomm for the final device, it is experimenting with Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) processor.

Microsoft first launched its Surface lineup of 2-in-1 tablets back in 2012, and only launched the first actual laptop in the series last year.

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Microsoft Xbox One X release

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Microsoft Xbox One X, the company’s smallest and most powerful video-game console, will be released in November 7, 2017. The device will carry a price tag of $499, and is designed to work with new generation 4K television sets that offer greater picture quality as well as games that offer ever-more-realistic scenes of car races and fantasy worlds.

The announcement came at the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Sunday. Fortunately, the new console will be compatible with older Xbox games and accessories.

The console is designed for gamers who want the ‘best features and performance’, and who also owns a TV for such a purpose.

However, previously the sales for Xbox One were hurt when it had a $499 price tag, which people found very expensive. So, considering price plays an important part to attract customers, it will be hard to tell the success of the console until it is released in November.

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A new console! I won’t call myself a console gamer, but the way consoles are expanding and providing better video/gaming quality is amazing. Eventually, something like a Nervegear will be released.

Snapdragon and Windows 10 to come together

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Microsoft and Qualcomm announced at Computex 2017 that they will be releasing Snapdragon 835 Movile PC platform on laptops & 2-in-1s with Windows 10 as the OS. The first three companies that will make such devices will be HP, Lenovo and Asus. This move will bring the best from the smartphone sector to the laptops.

Devices such as these can be constantly connected and will be able to deliver a battery life of more than a day. These devices will be fanless and slim, and the physically smaller Qualcomm’s motherboard will help in creating devices in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Snapdragon-powered PCs don’t have to wake from sleep to receive notifications and messages, and the Cortona voice assistant can listen for instructions, much like how current-day smartphones behave.

The price of such devices is expected to be around $700-$800, much lower than the premium laptops people see nowadays.

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This is amazing. It will be interesting to operate a laptop that works on a mobile processor, and provides longer battery time. It will be really useful to do normal tasks like documents, etc. but not to be meant for hard-core gaming or graphic artists. Much like a Macbook I suppose.

Is Mac been forsaken by Apple?

Many people are saying that Apple is facing serious challenges in its Mac business, however Apple is saying that everything is fine. Apple hasn’t updated the iMac since October 2015 or the Mac mini since 2014, and the Mac Pro since it’s release in December 2013! Whereas, Microsoft, is innovating on the desktop with Surface Studio.

Interviews with people familiar with Apple’s inner workings reveal that the Mac is feeling less important that before. The Mac team lost the industrial design group led by Jony Ive and even the company’s software team. The problem also arises due to the lack of definite directions from senior management and departures of key people who were working on Mac hardware.

iPhone accounts for 63 percent of Apple’s total revenues whereas Mac accounts for only 11 percent. Hence, it can be understood why Apple has dedicated more resources to the iPhone than Mac.

In a company message board posting, CEO Tim Cook said that the desktop is very strategic for Apple. The current generation iMac is the best desktop ever made by Apple and the beautiful Retina 5K display is the best desktop display in the world. If there’s any doubt about with out teams, let me be very clear: we have great desktops in our roadmap. Nobody should worry about that. Read the whole article here.

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn

Microsoft has been given the final regulatory approval to move forward with the acquisition of professional networking site LinkedIn. The acquisition is the largest ever by Microsoft, coming at a huge value of $26 billion. Microsoft CLO Brad Smith announced the approval in an official blog.

To discard any mistrust issues, Microsoft will continue allowing other professional networking services to promote offerings in the Office Store.

Microsoft had been competing with to acquire LinkedIn. Salesforce had been interested in LinkedIn due to the massive amount of user data that can be used to cross-sell.

The European Commission’s approval shows that it is satisfied with Microsoft’s commitment to fair competition. Read the full article here!r

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