Is this a joke to people? Do you understand that everyone is rejoicing over people being killed, bodies being burned, bombs being exploded!

Who the enemy is is now completely out of the equation now, and India or Pakistan are finding a new way to target each other?

People, the enemy are the terrorists! Those who take innocent lives just to force there own propaganda on others! They should be the target, and India or Pakistan should both focus on eliminating this threat of Terrorism before it takes even more lives!

Both these countries were one till 1947, before the “Britishers” separated them as now most of the time they are fighting at the border.

Please understand that war will bring nothing good other than taking even more lives. Think about the soldiers of your own country! They have families too. They want to live too!

Another USS collision

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Yes. Another US Navy ship, USS John S. McCain, a guided missile destroyer, collided with Alnic MC, a Liberian flagged 183-metre long oil/chemical tanker. However, the ship was not loaded full of oil for cargo, which would have stopped any major incident. The incident happened early morning east of Singapore.

At least 10 sailors are said to be missing, and 5 others have been hurt, according to the Navy’s 7th fleet.

This is the second incident from the Navy’s 7th fleet in just two months, the first one involving the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship that killed 7 sailors in waters off Japan. After the incident, the captain of Fitzgerald was relieved of command, and some sailors were punished due to poor seamanship.

The USS McCain is named for the father and grandfather of US Republican Senator John McCain, who were both admirals in the US Navy.

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Please pray for the deceased, and hope for speedy recovery for those injured.

This is astonishing. Two US Navy incidents in just two-three months. According to officials, this is probably due to lack of proper seamanship, as was the case in USS Fitzgerald incident.

Qatar says that it never doubted US support

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Qatar has made a $12 billion deal with the US to buy F-15 fighter jets mentioning that US and Qatars military are like brothers, and that America’s support for Qatar is deep-rooted. The deal came when Qatar is facing a severe economic and diplomatic crisis because of being boycotted by Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Gulf Arab states.

Qatar hosts a big US military base housing the headquarters of US air forces in the Middle East. The base has as many as 11,000 US personnels.

However a Qatari defence ministry said that the current deal was for 36 jets, considerably reduced from the initial 72 jets with a total value of $21.1 billion that was approved by President Obama in his term. Boeing, the prime contractor, declined to comment on this.

Turkey is currently supplying some of the food imports to Qatar while Kuwait is trying to mediate the dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. There have been questions that if the current situation continues, will Qatar be able to host the 2022 world cup.

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It’s surprising that the deal came in such a crucial time when Qatar is facing and economy crisis. Those funds could have been used to help it’s population. Then again, a nation needs to be well defended if it has been boycotted by the neighboring nations. However, I wish Kuwait is able to find a level platform for both countries to talk and make a deal.

Pentagon to set Afghanistan troop levels

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Pentagon was granted authority by President Trump to set troop levels in Afghanistan. Pentagon chief Jim Mattis will now be directly able to adjust troop numbers. This is similar to what was done with Iraq and Syria when White House had given the Secretary of defense the authority to set troop levels.

Commanders often complained under Barack Obama, due to his firm stance on setting and monitoring troop levels by himself, which is the reason Mr. Mattis acknowledges for US still not winning in Afghanistan.

Mr. Mattis said that the new plans on Afghanistan strategy won’t be ready until mid-July, and will probably lead to the deployment of additional troops both from US and NATO. The Don’t lose strategy won’t be good enough to win this war.

On Saturday, the Taliban claimed responsibility for an insider attack in which an Afghan commando turned his weapon on American troops, killing three and wounding another.

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That is a nice decision, however as a President, even though you are not the decision make for troops, you need to know the basic stats and numbers since it’s your own country people that are putting their life on the line. I wish Trump does not forget that.

Plane wreckage found by Myanmar Military

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Myanmar’s Military found a plane wreckage in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Launglon (Southern Myanmar). The plane was flying from the southern city of Myeik to Yangon, an important commercial city in Myanmar, when it disappeared.

The plane was carrying 122 people, and only a few bodies have been found as of yet. More than half the occupants were from military families, soldiers and their families. Nine navy ships and three air force planes had been dispatched when the plane went missing on Wednesday afternoon.

However, there haven’t been any reports of stormy weather in the area, so the plane crash is still under investigation. The pilot had more than 3,000 hours of flying experience and the plane was new, considering it was bought in March 2016 and had only flown 809 hours.

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Please pray for the deceased.

Surprisingly, the plane debris was found north of the last known location of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. This is strange.

Pakistan violates ceasefire along LoC, again

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The Indian Army is currently retaliating against the Pakistan Army’s violated ceasefire along the Line of Control in Naushera and Krishna Ghati that began at 7:20 am and 7:40 am respectively.

The Pakistan Army is using small arms, automatics, 82 mm and 120 mm mortars. Since 2015, there had been countless ceasefire violations, and terror attack incidents in which people cross the border and behead Indian soldiers.

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Sometimes, it feels like since Pakistani soldiers have no source of entertainment, they just start firing. It’s a sort of entertainment for them.

Why not install sensors throughout the LoC, so you will know if anyone crosses it. It might be a more fruitful investment than losing soldiers or repairing damaged property. Or have Electic current run through the border fence that has been set up.

US destroys mock ICBM

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Turning a significant milestone, US military destroyed a mock Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) high above the Pacific on Tuesday. The ground-based mid-course defense (GMD) system used a five-foot “kill vehicle” released from a larger ground-based interceptor missile to obliterate the mock ICBM.

The mock threat was launched from Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site in Marshall Islands, while the Interceptor was launched from a silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The test was scheduled for last year, however it was called off due to engineering changes to be made in the interceptor. The missile could be used in any North Korean ICBM attack, if it happens any-day.

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I mean, just when North Korea thought they had perfected the ICBM. Although I really though that the US had had these capabilities since before. But that’s good to know, it has it for sure now.

Indian defense companies to work with foreign companies

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On Wednesday, India approved a policy to boost local defense manufacturing by effectively picking industry champions that would want to tie up with key foreign defense companies to manufacture submarines, fighter jets, helicopters and armored vehicles in the country.

India is looking forward to spend about $250 billion in the next 10 years on it’s military, and the major priority for it is to boost local manufacturing to create more jobs and more affordable defense products.

Under the “Strategic Partnership” model, the government will shortlist and then pick Indian companies to join forces with foreign firms. The winners will be guaranteed billions of dollars of orders to incentivize them to manufacture.

Currently, the Indian defence manufacturing is dominated by state-run firms which are criticized for poor performance. Private firms such as Larsen & Turbo, Mahindra Group, Tata Group, Reliance Group and Adani Group, are working hard for the defense tenders too.

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This is an amazing opportunity for foreign firms to collaborate with Indian firms. And India trying to rise up in military power is a major decision, considering it often finds itself in conflict with it’s neighboring countries.

Britain threat level ‘critical’

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British Prime Minister, Theresa May, raised the national threat to ‘critical’, invoking the highest rating in Britain’s alert level. This will allow thousands of British troops to take to the streets, and important locations will be secured by them instead of police officers.

The military will guard public events such as concerts, sports matches, etc. in fears that the attacker of the Manchester Arena bombing might have accomplices, and the actual disaster might be far from over.

The attack in Manchester Arena was carried out by a British citizen, Salman Abedi (22), and killed 22 people, mostly teenagers including one girl only eight years old.

Currently, the highest priority for the police is to know whether Abedi was acting alone or had accomplices, and whether this was one of the attacks planned in a sequence of attacks.

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Whoever they are, I wish they are caught as soon as possible. Hurting people? And in fact, hurting children/teenagers is horrific. Not even their God or ‘Allah’, in whose name they commence violence, can welcome such acts of horror.

First military launch by SpaceX

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SpaceX will be launching classified payload for the National Reconnaissance Office, which makes and operates spy satellites for the US. Details regarding the payload haven’t been revealed, and the payload is only known as NROL-76. The mission will be using SpaceX Falcon 9 re-usable rocket, which will be blasted from Cape Canaveral, Florida between 7 am and 9 am on Sunday.

SpaceX, headed by Elon Musk, has already made successful landings using the re-usable rocket and this will be it’s first mission for the US military.

US military spends billions of dollars per year only to launch government satellites, and had been unfairly awarding all such contracts to United Launch Alliance until now.

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This is a great step for SpaceX, which if successful can mean millions of dollars in savings for the military.