A day of questions

Adam started:

I am turning 24 in a week, and lately I have been thinking all day about what do I want to do in life. Things are starting to clear up (or become more complex?) as I walk through this continuous flow of life, sometimes monotonous and at times surprising. At times I find myself staring up at the moon in the night, glowing so brightly while sometimes it is hidden by the clouds that shroud it.

As I keep on working in the company, learning new things and meaningful solutions, I often think if this is what I want to keep doing. What is it that I am looking for? No, I am not that good at blogging to get thousands of followers. Traveling needs money and I am not that interested in it. Although I would like to support people, I first need to develop the strength for the same. Yes I want to give that beggar in the street corner a thousand bucks, but will it be useful? Ultimately it would be spent on something other than knowledge, and to run a free education institution needs finance and dedication. What I am looking for is something more…

Something deep? With more meaning to myself?

We are all clinging to life, some of us barely. Probably the people around us make us do that. You binge from one series to another, go to pub often and yet find no solace. Maybe meditation can help. And yoga.

No matter where you are, the emptiness creeps in. But that’s not it. It comes with a need to do more. A want for something more. And there is no way to satisfy it. Not yet. So tire yourself out until the mind calms down, until it can’t think any more. Let the sleep filled with the dreams of the past shown in the future. Let it all go in the instance.

Sid replied:

And the next morning, have that morning cup of black coffee. Splash your face with water. And re-start. Re-vitalize. Return with that craving of something more.

The effortless Mind

You keep thinking all the time,
Whether it is good or bad;
Going through the phases of life,
You realize what you didn’t have.

Initially everything was so simple,
You had to be awake and look;
You cried at times, laughed at others,
Your thoughts were like an open book.

Then you learned to walk,
Oh how tedious a job it was;
And you made new friends,
Even had the choice to choose your food.

Till now you have learned a lot,
And you are in elementary school;
As you make more friends,
You realize enemies are also born.

In high school you have learned all texts,
But girlfriends and colleges fill you up;
As you scram to get the best scores,
With sleepless nights tired as fuck.

Now in college you hangout and chill,
What could be more comfortable than this;
TV Shows, parties and games,
With all that your life is filled.

Now towards the end of college,
You scram again to find a job;
You regret all those sleepless nights,
Spent in parties and not in study hall.

Now at the job you are responsible,
For a particular department and people;
You hold your head high and think,
Was what I studied in college worth at all?

As people marry, and have kids,
Settling down in a particular town;
The heart grieves because of loneliness,
And you focus on getting the promotion ahead.

Oh mind, just what are you?
You keep learning throughout the time;
Yet the most important question is a riddle,
That why were you sent to live this life?


What if

A strange topic given by a friend, let me try something on this.

Our minds are the main reason,
As they think the ‘what if’;
Without considering the solution,
We are stuck in this fit.

What if she doesn’t show up,
Will this date go as planned;
What if the customer doesn’t order,
Will all this effort go to waste?

From the moment you are born,
No, the moment you start thinking;
There is this ‘what if’ in our senses,
That keeps doubting without blinking.

Agreed, that what if saves you at times,
Be it fear to enter a cage of lions;
The hesitation to ask the right question,
Or the choice to pick the right shine.

But I believe the pros are less,
And what keeps the mind are cons;
So stop with all the ‘What ifs’,
And keep calm till night dawns.


Writing your mind

I stare again, at the blank page today,
Searching for words that I could write;
What comes to mind is a poetic thought,
As I eat that pasta, savoring every bite.

And yet after having written these words,
I come to an understanding with myself;
That however I manipulate it, always rhyme,
Because poems live forever, like an elf.

It is nice to write your mind,
In such few words that rhyme;
And you learn the value of words,
That change meaning, with time.

So the mind speaks to continue,
Keep writing whatever feels fine;
The emotions, the sadness, the anger,
and many more are on the line.


A letter to the mind

“I want to start something…”, this is the thought that lies in the mind of many, if not all.

Because we all seem to be too tired of our life, of our daily routine. We want something new to calm our fantasies, we want to be enthusiastic again… about something. And even more, we want to share this enthusiasm with others!

But we often wonder… What is it that we want to achieve? What is it that we are enthusiastic about? What is it that, if started, will attract people towards me? What will let me have more time for myself? For others?

Often, this lingers on in the mind. And this is the thought that lingers on in our grave because people don’t change. Yes, they want to, but they are hesitant. They don’t want to change their daily quiet lives, but at the same time want the excitement and enthusiasm of a ‘Hero’ in a movie.

Now. That is not possible, is it?

The more action you take, the less quiet life it is. You get what you were wishing for… “Changes”. But you are afraid, what if the changes are not favorable? What if I get too comfortable with the favorable changes?

Always. These thoughts are there … Residing in our empty mind and looking for a single second to attack that emptiness.

So, I ask you. Don’t drown yourself in these thoughts.


Just begin something!

Take an action. Act more. Change more. Do more. Love more.


A thought

#evening #thoughts #mistakes #heart #mind #life #corrections

Recently I was in a situation when I had to make a big choice, and I think I ended up making the wrong one. And it felt depressing.

But I have made my mind to correct the mistake, and I am sure if I have a firm determination then I will be able to achieve what I want, and correct the mistakes of the past.

Hey heart! Be strong! And don’t get distracted.

  • Yours Truly


Self-Mind conversations

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Sometimes, this happens in my head at work:

I need something exciting.

What do you need?

I don’t know. Work life feels too monotonous.

Oh, really? What do you want then?

Something interesting. Something exciting. Don’t you understand?

I do understand. I just understand that you need an excuse to party.

No. Cmmon. No.  I just need something interesting or someone interesting.

So, you don’t consider yourself interesting?

Well, I do. I mean, I still need someone as exciting as me to live with.

LOL, sure

Don’t laugh. Don’t you feel this is monotonous and boring.

It is, Yes. But this monotonous life and hard work you are putting in now is what will make your life exciting in the future.


And in fact, it can make it so interesting that you will never be tired of it.

Is that right? How do I trust that? How do I trust what you are saying is true?

Well, you can save it in your memory. Or write it down somewhere that I said it.

Sure. As if even if you are wrong, I can’t really do anything.

Well. You can’t. That is true.


I mean. It’s not like just pondering over the boring life is going to change anything for you. So why not just try heeding to my advice.

That is also correct. I can listen to you. But if I don’t feel a change within….. let’s say an…year, then I will do whatever I wish.

You don’t wish to do the things you are doing right now?

I do. But it’s not interesting/exciting as I mentioned. So I might want to do something else. But for now, as you asked, I will continue on this path.

Fine. Sounds good to me. If you don’t feel a change, then you can change everyhting and do what you want, however you want. I don’t know though, if you do that, where will it end you up.

Don’t worry about that. Let’s put in our best efforts now then.

Sure. I will help yuou out whenever/however possible. So be aware, that I am still here and watching over you.

Sure. Creep.