Born to make mistakes.

Born to make mistakes,
Each of us live our life;
Going through the emotions of the world,
We desire for a wishful sight.

The prisoner kept in the dark place,
Now yearned for the light again;
The one mistake he had made,
Was already covered with a lonely pain.

He looked out of the cell and above,
His eyes, in all directions, shone;
Slowly rusting with the sea breeze,
Was it his heart or the iron dome.

The day he wished for finally arrived,
It was no hero or a villain for rescue;
But just the usual silent breeze,
That rusted the iron, playing its part due.

The prisoner walked out slowly,
Preparing himself for what was to come;
Lifting the frail palm above his forehead,
He gasped at the sight of none.

Where was this place without a name,
He gasped even more realizing the stench;
His eyes looked around searching for life,
And the tears rolled down, Oh they still exist!

He wondered what was better or worse,
Trying to understand the situation;
Was the hope inside the prison calming,
Or the truth viewed by the eyes – none.

He smiled at the mistake that he had made,
For which he was sentenced to prison;
Am I the only survivor now and here,
Or should I too, be gone forever.

Turning around to the familiar prison,
He looked as if it were the home;
Where their was hope and peace,
Should he go back to that iron dome?

A thought

#evening #thoughts #mistakes #heart #mind #life #corrections

Recently I was in a situation when I had to make a big choice, and I think I ended up making the wrong one. And it felt depressing.

But I have made my mind to correct the mistake, and I am sure if I have a firm determination then I will be able to achieve what I want, and correct the mistakes of the past.

Hey heart! Be strong! And don’t get distracted.

  • Yours Truly


Often we misread, misinterpret

#shortstory #life #mistakes #calm #notice #misread #forgive

“Who are you? How can you just kick it like that? Why the hell did you kick it like that?”

“It’s not my fault, I was walking and didn’t notice that I kicked it. I realized only after the kick had already happened.”

“What the hell? How can you not notice where you are walking? It’s not like there is a lot of stuff here to watch out for. And still you steeped on it. Almost literally.”

“No. It wasn’t intentional. Believe me. I would never do such a thing. And more ever, never to a person as cute as you.”

“Don’t try to escape from your stupid act with sweet words. That will make me even more angry.”

“Yes, yes. I am sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“Won’t do it again? Like we will ever see each other again. Good bye stranger. Thank you for ruining the day.”

“I am sorry. Please stay a while. I will be going now.”

“Please go then.”

“Good bye.”

He bowed his head. His friend took his arm and made him follow, this time ever more cautiously.

The girl was shocked. And here I was thinking that the sunglasses were just for show. Were those sunglasses? I feel ashamed. This is wrong. She continued to stare at the figure of those two men, one leaning slightly on the other and following slowly.


Because we are only human

#human #cry #laugh #emotions #mistakes #success #life

We laugh, we cry, we smile, we frown,

We love, we leave, we kiss, we cease,

We care, we hug, we betray, we fight,

Because we are only human.

People ask you not to cry, because it doesn’t help. Still at times we can’t control it anymore and the tears come rolling down. We are strong, yet we are weak at times. We are happy, yet we are sad at times. We often smile, as well as frown. We often care, yet despise at times. We feel, because we are emotional, we succeed, because we are emotional. We seek for revenge, because we are emotional, we seek for love, because we are emotional.

But mostly, because we are only human. All the things we do right now, all the things we did in the past, all the things we might do in the future, those things might not be perfect, because that’s what makes us human. And the best part is, as humans, we have a firm resolve, and we keep trying, keep stepping forward, because as humans we are lured by our ideals. Your ideals with all the mistakes and success, makes you unique.