The Mobile Poem: Reality

You are my morning, and my noon, You are the evening, even under the moon; The love of this life might never stop by, I assure that you are mine from July to June. Always staying here holding my hand, You come in different designs; When I look at you, you look at me, But … Continue reading The Mobile Poem: Reality

Nokia X5 launched!

The long-awaited Nokia X5 has been launched in China at a minimal price of around $199! The phone comes equipped with Android Oreo, with face recognition and intelligent AI features. The phone is available in Black, White and Blue colors. With a 5.86 inch screen and a 19:9 HD screen ratio, people can't find a … Continue reading Nokia X5 launched!

Microsoft Andromeda?

Microsoft Surface device, code-named "Andromeda", is planned to be released sometime in 2018 or early 2019. The device is expected to come with a dual-screen display, since it had been seen multiple times in patents for a 'pocket-able Surface device'. It is believed that the device will be one of a kind, further blurring the … Continue reading Microsoft Andromeda?

HTC U11 to launch today

#HTC #smartphone #U11 #newtech #technology #mobile #gadgets HTC will be launching it's latest model U11 today in India. Considering the price tag for HTC U Ultra is INR 59,990, we can expect a minimum price of INR 50,000 for U11, which might probably be higher than U Ultra price. The phone comes with Edge Sense, … Continue reading HTC U11 to launch today

OnePlus 5 tech specs?

#OnePlus #smartphone #NewTech #mobile #technology #Snapdragon #Amazon According to the technical specifications revealed from Amazon India's teaser page source code for the smartphone, the OnePlus 5 will be featuring an 8 GB RAM and the phone will be using a Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor that reaches speeds upto 2.35 GHz. The phone is set to … Continue reading OnePlus 5 tech specs?

The edge-to-edge screen Android phone

#android #mobile #EssentialProducts #Apple #Samsung #technology #newtech #gadgets Andy Rubin, the co-creator of the Android mobile phone operating system, launched a new company called Essential Products. The Palo Alto based company will be selling its first high-end smartphone and home assistant device. The new phone will be featuring an edge-to-edge screen, a titanium & ceramic … Continue reading The edge-to-edge screen Android phone

Using the Android O beta

#Android #Google #AndroidO #AndroidNougat #GoogleI/O #technology #mobile #newtech Android O was one of the most awaited segments at Google I/O 2017. It was announced that users wanting to use the Android O platform can do it by enrolling themselves in the Android O beta. Also, you need to have a Google smartphone, such as Nexus … Continue reading Using the Android O beta

Xiaomi overtakes Apple and Samsung in India

#Xiaomi #Apple #Samsung #India #mobile #smartphone #technology Around more than 75% mobile users in India still use a feature phone rather than a smartphone, hence it is considered one of the biggest markets for smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung. However, As per a recent report by Strategic Analytics, Xiaomi may be the front runner … Continue reading Xiaomi overtakes Apple and Samsung in India

Watch Youtube videos offline

#Youtube #technology #mobile #Google #offline #videos #entertainment Youtube Go, a test version of Google's offline-first, shareable video product, is available for download on the Google play Store. In fact, the app for 20,000 users in a matter of hours, when it was launched in an invitation-only mode. The Youtube Go app is designed to be … Continue reading Watch Youtube videos offline

Samsung S8 and S8 Plus launched.

#Samsung #mobile #technology #Qualcomm #S8 #GalaxyS8 #Bixby Samsung launched S8 and is expecting high rewards from the consumers after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Samsung had to call it quits on Note 7 phone after recalling it twice and still not being able to solve the issue of burning phones. Galaxy S8 and Plus comes … Continue reading Samsung S8 and S8 Plus launched.