Routine Problems.

“Oh my God. Why? It was clearly written in the Invoice that I needed blue color, and now when the shipment has reached, you are saying that you have sent us black color? Are you serious right now?”, Chris yelled on his phone, talking to the supplier always made him frustrated and exhausted because of the number of excuses each one told for the mistakes, after a deep breath he continued calmly, “Please take your shipment back and send us the corrected items, I cant use this. Or please refund us the payment or we will have to work out something legal.” He cut the call after saying those words.

He knew fully well that it will take at least a good 15 – 20 days to resolve this crisis, that too if the supplier provides the correct color in a new shipment. What should I do, he thought knowing fully well that things might turn ugly initially when the upper management receives this information, But still what could I do? I sent the correct color sample, mentioned correct color in the Invoice and yet they made this blunder. Why is it going like this?

His phone started ringing again, it was the supplier again. Just looking at that name made it more frustrating for Chris, he cut the call and kept his phone upside down, not answering the messages or the calls. Of course, they would now be asking to give them another chance. Why should I? This is drastic, how can someone make such a mistake? Chris thought and remembered the value of the invoice again, but that is not all, the monetary loss is there of course, however, this is such a huge loss in time as well. Even if the supplier agrees to make a new shipment, it will probably take another couple of months to get dispatched and an extra month to get here.

The phone was ringing again but Chris didn’t pick it up knowing fully well who the caller might be. He tried to divert his attention by calling different people, asking about their work status. He didn’t feel like checking his email and got up to go for a jog.

An hour passed by, and Chris returned from the jog exhausted. Perhaps I pushed myself a little too much today.

He checked his emails and found an email from the supplier from about after half an hour after his phone conversation, marked at high priority. It must be probably for the balance payment. Why would I pay him when the goods aren’t even what I expected them to be, he took a deep breath and opened the message.

He could not believe it. The supplier had written that he made a mistake while stating the facts during their phone conversation earlier. Apparently black color was sent to another customer who had ordered black, and to Chris and his firm, they had sent the approved color only, that is blue. The supplier apologized again in the last line and ended the mail.

Chris was astonished. He was very happy, but still, how could the supplier have made such a mistake of telling the wrong information. He was so frustrated all day, but he finally took a deep breath and closed the email. He texted the supplier, “Got your mail. Thanks for the clarification” and went to sleep.


Life is debt

A life is a token of debt,
Where you keep filling the money;
But what it simply needs is love,
To clear the debt in the blink of eye.

It’s your choice to choose the path,
One is of comfort, whereas the other,
It is filled with convenience,
Yet, there is no love to show.



What matters more is to win,
To win at this game called life;
To be better and wealthier,
From anyone who is in sight.

And they say, it’s a sham,
The money, the competition;
If not for that then tell me,
Why else did you learn?

Yearning to score better,
A student studies all night;
Thinking that it will be okay,
Just after this one time.

Fast forward to the current job,
There are more sleepless nights;
Whether in sales or an entrepreneur,
Do you enjoy even a little time?

At the end, there is a regret,
Not a regret of wanting to enjoy;
But of not having achieved more,
Such is the heart without a joy.

All I ask is to think a little,
What is it that you want to do;
Is it money and promotion you want,
Or a satisfaction similar by-passing a long queue.


Emotions: Something that controls us all!

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You can have emotions,

But with it comes the burden;

A burden to choose,

Choices that are not so light.


Emotions give us love, Emotions give us life,

Emotions give us fun, Emotions give us fight;

Emotions are something that give us all,

Be it enjoyment, sadness or corruption for all.


Any person will look to support their family,

Because emotions resides inside us all;

Whether it is the president, the police officer,

Or the mafia with the gall.


So then what are these emotions,

Are these anything that makes us live;

Or these are the things that makes us suffer,

And are the reason to cover us in pall.


However, you can agree with the fact,

Even if you are a Psychologist;

No one can realize the emotions of everyone,

The different emotions in us that call.


Happiness is an emotion, so is sadness,

Birth is an emotion, so is death;

Success is an emotion, so is Loss,

Rising is an emotion, so is a fall.


There is no heart without the emotion,

Neither is there love, nor humans;

But corruption too comes with emotion,

And radicalism flows outside the wall.


What we can do is live in the present,

Creating new emotions every minute of our life;

And sharing these emotions with other people,

There are billions of people with us in this hall.

– Siddarth

Life – Game

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Do you quit after losing a level or match in a game? Do you just stop playing if you progress too slowly? Then why quit in real life?!

Life is like a game. When you start playing a game you start from Level 0 or 1. Then as the game progresses you are defeated a lot of times, you win a lot of times, you cheat a lot of times and you think it’s boring a lot of times. However you keep progressing forward increasing at every turn, gaining experience and level. Life is the same. You keep on gaining experience and levels, it is true you might have more money tomorrow or might end up with nothing, just like in a game, however what you have is experience.

And as you become thrilled and excited on hearing game, try doing that with your life too. As they say, when you are positive and confident, thenthe chances of you winning a round or level in a game is higher, and if you are in a bad mood or angry, then you might tilt and end up losing everything. It’s the same with life. Positivity and Calm can create miracles that anger and frustration can’t.

Night! 😏✌️

What kind of life?

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What does it mean to have a life,

Is it to raise kids and work from nine to five,

Or to get drunk and go out on a drive,

Perhaps to earn money and be filled with pride.

Some work hard, and go through their day,

They are scolded by their boss, yet they never fade,

They work endlessly trying to make an impact,

But they grow slowly, because something still they lack.

The others work hard, and don’t care of the world,

These are the students that you find in every turn,

Oh, what were those days of our childhood,

No money, No loneliness, all depended on our mood.

Then you have these the big rich businessmen,

Trying to make more money when they can,

Because money is everything, high or low,

Yet the more they earn, the more they want.

Then come the stupid ones, working when they can,

They meet deadlines, and enjoy after that,

They care about money but not too much,

They do save, but spend the rest on themselves.

But life is not a game, nor is it a challenge,

Earn and enjoyment, both are there,

Both can be done at an equal pace,

For the stress kicks in if not the equilibrium.

There are different people in this world,

Some know how to live, and some know to earn,

Some save their money, Some spend it tonight,

I insist, save some, spend some, and be bright.

– Siddarth

You ask yourself?

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You ask yourself, Why not today,

The mind replies, Why today,

For tomorrow is there,

And there is the day after.

You ask yourself, Why not loan him money,

The mind replies, Why should I,

It might be a bad investment,

It doesn’t matter if he is family or friend.

You ask yourself, Why not cook today,

Why should I do that, The mind replies,

There are other people who do the job,

That’s why they have restaurants, and money.

You ask yourself, Why not rest today,

The mind replies, There is no time for rest,

You want money to survive, It’s never enough,

The luxuries you have, is because of ‘money’.

You ask yourself, Why not make friends,

The mind replies, You can’t spend time with friends,

Work is so busy, And work is earning,

If you work, You can attract any person.

You ask yourself, Why not live,

The mind replies, What do you mean,

I am living right now, Its work and earn,

That is what is living, right?

And You couldn’t reply.

– Siddarth