Have you ever seen?

Have you seen a person who is saved,Rescued and given a chance to live;Look at the expression in their eyes,That’s one time that humans don’t lie. Have you seen a person who is in love,Pursuing the other without a question;They seem to be blinded by the light,Yet for them, it’s the best moments in life. … Continue reading Have you ever seen?


“I have a headache mom, please get me some iced tea. I need to calm my mind.”, shouted Mori, “Or coffee should be good too. Just need something cold.” “No Mori, you need to drink something hot if you have a headache. Why don’t you take a break and lie down for a while.”, said … Continue reading Mother.

Five impressions

As you are born, you feel the warmth, The beauty of life, in the touch of a hand; And you get mesmerized by a lot, That you wrap your fingers around like a band. Words can't be spoken, and you feel thirsty, And without a word, a hand hugged you close; You tasted something for … Continue reading Five impressions