Hare like a Tortoise

Things keep moving forward in life,
And at times you wonder what to do;
Although there are tasks to execute,
You don’t know which to start, no clue.

And you remember a childhood story,
The one with tortoise and the hare;
And you decide to be a hare in all,
With the heart of a tortoise, you dare.

– Siddarth


Everyone I see has a story,
Whether big ones or small;
Some are lost in the way of life,
And some enjoy with us all.

So I met a person, who is the latter,
While I live being the former;
A person who enjoys helping,
And one who speaks up for the right.

I would rather stay away from this,
People are an annoyance, fake shine;
But when you look at this person,
You can’t stop changing this time.

Someone who gives, and donates,
Tries his best to work all year round;
Yet more interested he is to share,
All the rewards with people around.

I wonder if that’s how it is,
Is it something I can easily do;
Because the smiles and wishes,
Always multiplies happiness by two.

Thinking this, and much more,
A little lost though with a goal;
I go around all the time, and,
Write the perfect poem for my soul.

Hesitant steps.

It’s distributed in levels,
The love I have for you;
Hesitant to take every step,
Is the next one already due?

What if I take the next step,
But all there is just darkness;
Will you be the light to guide me,
Or leave me longing for some brightness?

I really want to climb further,
If you would allow me to;
Else there is nothing I can do,
Please just give me a clue?

I think we can continue on,
Without thinking about the future;
Just live the present and move,
Wait, I shouldn’t care if I am the suitor?

Perhaps the time will come,
The truth will, slowly, show;
If the path is made of roses,
Or this will be another blow.


It’s a long fight, this virus,
Attacking regardless of race;
Doctors swarming around,
Saving some, keeping the pace.

So let’s put their hearts at ease,
Cheering them on each success;
There might be failures of course,
Doesn’t mean they put efforts less.

Clapping in the background,
And sharing respectful videos;
Are good and appreciative,
But the priority is no-shows.

Don’t show up for that concert,
Or that much needed shopping;
Just stay safe at your home,
No need to go to that bar hopping.

Let’s fight this together,
And win this battle of life;
For its better to see the sun late,
Than to never wake up or rise.

Call your loved ones, text them,
Don’t go holding because of the ego;
We are together in these times,
No need to hurt and make a foe.

Close your eyes, get some rest,
Or watch that unseen movie;
But always keep doctors in heart,
They are humans too, with a bovie.

– Siddarth



The Path none crossed

You are here, and yet you stopped,
Because the path ahead, appears blocked;
Then searching for the right path around,
Appears a small one that none crossed.

You question the long road ahead,
So you search for much better options;
And yet in the end, the best one is,
The same path that no one crossed.

You take a step ahead, and turn around,
Afraid, excited, maintaining the poise;
The question again runs through your mind,
“Is this the best, safest and soundest of all?”

You hesitate a little, as it gets lonely,
Reaching halfway, you can’t see people;
Questioning your existence, and this life,
And closing your eyes as you step ahead.

You move forward, and then you realize,
This was the path you should pursue;
It is right, and yet no one crossed,
Because it belonged to you, and you alone.


It’s all on you.

When being emotional…

A day passed, and it was slow,

Very numb, shouting in the inside;

I kept avoiding the recent lows,

In hopes that the dreams won’t subside.

Morning came, and there were no greets,

I missed the words throughout the day;

Somehow the evening passed without a call,

Seemingly making us drift farther away.

You are the one, or so I thought,

Or, were you just a phase of life;

Uninterested, and so we fought,

Right is wrong, in this hopeless drive.

Triggering again that age-old feeling,

A feeling I thought was locked away;

Loneliness, did, come back to surface,

Kissing goodbye, as the cold heart lay.


Forgotten Soul.

“There is a sound in my mind, it wakes me up, it talks to me when I am feeling low, it asks me to eat when I am hungry, it tells me to drive slowly and with caution, it scolds me when I make a stupid mistake and it consoles me when I lose something”, Richard told his psychologist.

The psychologist was listening to Richard intently and couldn’t help but smile. “Please go on”, he told the 30 year old man, sitting on the sofa, explaining his situation.

“Is it just me? Does this happen with other people as well? I am thankful for this voice but it creeps me that I don’t know who it is. Why does this happen?”, said Richard, resting his forehead on his hands.

The psychologist was intrigued. He didn’t know if Richard was plain stupid or too innocent.

Richard continued, “It is always there for me, helping me out in every situation, celebrating with me when needed. But I can’t even thank this person because I can’t see him. I can’t even ask him why he helps me out. It is just… there.”


Richard looked at the doctor and asked, “Can you say something? Please?”

The psychologist was quiet. He was staring at Richard and couldn’t think anything else but this: It’s so simple. People always look for a person outside, but they can just meet the best possible person with there soul. It sounds so simple and yet, most of us have already forgotten or lost the meaning of soul. And even more of us have lost the voice of soul.

After a two minutes of silence, in which time Richard has asked him to say something at least five times, the psychologist replied at last, “You are so lucky.”

This surprised Richard. He hadn’t expected an answer like that. How on earth can he be lucky? Did the psychologist not hear a single word that he just said? Ah! I knew this was going to be a waste of time. So no result in the end.

The psychologist repeated, “You are so lucky.” He looked straight into Richard’s eyes and continued, “Not many people, in fact it is very rare in the times we are living for a person to hear that voice. It is, no doubt, the voice of your soul that is guiding you. But sadly most of us, including me, have formed a habit to ignore that voice and with continued ignorance, that voice has stopped saying anything to us. Many of us are living a hopeless life searching for an external source to remove this loneliness. But you are so lucky Richard.” He closed his eyes, took a deep sigh and looked at Richard again. “I actually learned from you. I need to try to start communicating with that voice again. I am sure if I am persistent, it will respond.”

Richard heard all this and couldn’t help but smile. “I didn’t realize this. Wow. I don’t have any words to say.”

And the conversation continued for another ten minutes. After that the bell rang. It was the end of session and time for him to chat with another patient. He said his goodbyes to Richard and walked back in, preparing himself for the new patient and… forgetting about the past.

⁃ Siddarth