About me. And you.

There is this thing about life,
I wanted to share with you.

In the presence of those beautiful eyes,
I can’t stray away from your soul.

Within the shield of your calming vibe,
I feel I can conquer everyone around.

With the presence of your sweet voice,
I feel as if I am cloud 9 bound.

So be mine, because you make me drive,
And fill the world with our sound.

What do I seek for?

What is this emptiness I feel,

Or, rather, is it something that I seek;

Trying to find a passion for this life,

Along with this silent crowd, I kneel.

I say that I want to feel more energy,

And yet walk at a pace, along with others;

The people who I used to call friends,

Are ahead or back, but with me are none.

So, am I seeking to find something,

Or just solace in the arms of someone;

Is it love that I am missing in life,

Or is it a simple desire to have some fun?