US exit Paris Climate Pact; Asks to reinstate Muslim travel ban

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Trump announced in Thursday that United States will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Pact. He also mentioned that since the Election Day on November 8th, the US has added $3.3 trillion in stock market to the economy, and had opened up more than a million private sector jobs. He also concluded a military and economic development deal of $350 billion which was finalized during his foreign trip.

Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord is a necessity for the United States, as the deal works against the US, punishing it for being a developed country. Each year US and several other developed countries have to give $100 billion to developing countries, so that they can counter the climate change threat. And so far, US has given a sum of $1 billion, which is far more than any of the countries.

The Paris Accord can cost US as many as 2.7 million jobs by 2025. It also asks US to reduce coal production by 86 percent or more, and several other industries, which will cost the economy a good $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million jobs.

Countries like China and India, on the other hand, have free rein and can increase coal usage, with Indian given the authority to ‘double’ its coal production.

On another note, the Trump administration also asked the Supreme Court to reinstate the travel ban on six countries – Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen.

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It’s a pretty selfish world from here on. Each country is looking out for themselves first, which isn’t a wrong thing in general. It’s just sad to hear it. And different countries in Paris Climate Pact get different rules & regulations because they are at a different stage of development, with United States considered at the top of the chain. That’s why other countries are allowed to use coal, till they build infrastructure for renewable resources, since it’s cheaper.

US representative Nikki Haley’s mother couldn’t be a judge in India

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US representative to United Nations, Nikki Haley, said that her mother was not allowed to be a judge in India because she was a woman. She was actually put up to be one of the first female judges in India, but because of the situation with women, she wasn’t allowed to sit on the bench. But how amazing for her to watch her daughter become governor of South Carolina and US ambassador to the UN.

However, according to the records, a woman named Anna Chandy had become a judge in Travancore in pre-Independence India. She was promoted to District judge in 1948 and to a high court judge in 1959. She was able to sit on the bench and was allowed to function as a judge.

Haley’s parents emigrated from India in the 1960s and she said that she is proud to be the daughter of Indian immigrants who believe the family is ‘blessed’ to be American.

Haley also supported President Trump’s decision of banning six-Muslim countries, saying that there were more than a dozen other Muslim countries that were not banned. Hence, Trump was temporary banning the people and refugees because the rise in immigrants was making it hard for all the immigrants to be properly vetted. Thus, the administration was stopping them till the problem could be resolved.

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Well, I have no words for this one. Do you?

Triple Talaq!?

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I don’t know what world have I been living in, but apparently in Indian Muslims they follow a dogma called Triple Talaq. They believe it’s written in the Holy Quran that you can divorce a woman by just saying the word “talaq” three times to the woman at any moment. They are then free to marry anyone else, and no one cares if they pay alimony to the first wife or not.

This can’t be true right? I mean the news portrays the whole definition more or less as mentioned above.

In that regards tell me, Is the integrity and respect for a religion considered above than the integrity and respect for a person?

This was to come, Ruling against Trump’s revised travel ban

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The Department of Justice said in a court filing it would appeal a ruling by US District Judge Theodore Chuang in Maryland to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. Although Chang did put an emergency halt to the ban of entry of travellers from six-Muslim countries, he left the section that barred the entry of refugees to the United States for four months.

In Washington, District Court Judge James Robart put a stay on the ban, claiming that it will follow the Hawaii courts restraining order so that to conserve resources and to avoid duplicate rulings.

White House Press Secretary stated that the government will vigorously defend the executive order. The plan was to appeal to the 4th Circuit first (4th Circuit is known for its more conservative nature and might be able to lend a friendlier ruling) before appealing to the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in S.F.

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Travel Ban frozen again

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In a 43-page opinion, U.S. district Judge Derrick Watson used Trump’s own comments as evidence to show that the new travel ban on six-Muslim majority countries was also directed against Muslims. Trump called the ruling terrible and said that the administration will fight the case even if it meant going up to the Supreme Court.

Watson declared that a reasonable, objective observer – enlightened by the specific historical context, contemporaneous public statements, and specific sequence of events leading to its issuance – would conclude that the Executive Order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular region.

Trump even told a crowd that he would still prefer to go back to the “first one” (the first ban order for seven countries), since there is a clear danger.

The Department of Justice spokeswoman, Sarah Isgur Flores, said that the department disagrees with the ruling by Watson and sees President’s order as lawful and protecting Nation’s security. It said that the department will continue to defend this Executive order in the courts.

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Trump’s revised immigration ban

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President Trump signed a new 90-day ban on the issuance of new visas for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries. Also, the refugee program will be suspended temporarily while also reducing the cap of 110,000 refugees a year (set by Obama) to 50,000 refugees a year.

The six countries include Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, sames as the countries in the first travel ban, excluding Iraq. The new guidelines are far more specific and block the issuance of only new visas (this also includes people who need to reapply for their visa).

The order also details specific sets of people who would be able to apply for case-by-case waivers to the order, including those previously admitted to the United States for “a continuous period of work, study, or other long-term activity,” those with “significant business or professional obligations” and those seeking to visit or live with family.

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Today, we have a fight against Muslims.

Do we have a fight against Muslims?

So is every Muslim a terrorist?

Do you know which of these are Muslims:

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz (Host of The Dr Oz Show)
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Fareed Zakaria (Hosts his own show on CNN)
  • Ellen Burstyn (An Emmy winning actress)
  • Aasif Mandvi (Actor and Comedian)
  • Akon (You know him, cmmon!)
  • Dave Chappelle (Comedian)
  • Ice Cube (Rapper and ‘Law and Order SVU’ star)
  • T-Pain (Rapper)
  • Muhammad Ali (Boxing Champion)
  • Zayn Malik (Singer)

Stop with the immigration ban. That is not the right way to fight terrorism. That is more like running away from the real problem.


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Donald Trump “I’ve proven to be right”

President-elect Donald Trump called the attacks in Berlin and Ankara as “Terrible” on Wednesday. He also said that, “All along, I’ve been proven to be right. 100% correct. What’s happening is disgraceful.”

Trump has mentioned during one of his election campaigns that he would be willing to issue a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States as a means of fighting terrorism. However after attracting widespread criticism, he had later rephrased the statement to temporarily suspending immigration from regions deemed as exporting terrorism and where safe vetting cannot be ensured.

Trump also mentioned that he has not talked to President Barack Obama since the Berlin and Ankara attacks. Trump has been critical of Obama because of his reluctance to clearly name Islamist militancy as a threat. Read the full article here.

Amnesty International warns Myanmar

Myanmar has come under heavy criticism for its army’s forceful treatment of the Muslim Rohingya minority. International Human Rights group like Amnesty International criticised the Myanmar military of mass murder, rape and looting.

Amnesty has also released a report that mentions all the callous and deplorable actions of the Myanmar military on civilians. This military outage is said to be because of the October 9 outposts in Rakhine state that killed nine police officers. This is not the first civil tension in Rakhine. In 2012, the fighting and violence left hundreds of people dead.

Amnesty also mentioned that the amount of damage is yet unknown because the military closed Rakhine to aid workers and any outer observers. Eyewitnesses have confirmed acts of rape and murder. In fact, in a November 12 attack, the military used helicopter guns and showered bullets on a village of people with nothing but swords as weapons. This was even corroborated by the Myanmar Army officials.

Amnesty has also said that Myanmar military is torching villages, as around 1,200 burned structures could be seen via satellites. They also released a statement that the repressive government policies are radicalising the Rohingya. Read the full article here!

Please share and pray for the victims.