Plane wreckage found by Myanmar Military

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Myanmar’s Military found a plane wreckage in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Launglon (Southern Myanmar). The plane was flying from the southern city of Myeik to Yangon, an important commercial city in Myanmar, when it disappeared.

The plane was carrying 122 people, and only a few bodies have been found as of yet. More than half the occupants were from military families, soldiers and their families. Nine navy ships and three air force planes had been dispatched when the plane went missing on Wednesday afternoon.

However, there haven’t been any reports of stormy weather in the area, so the plane crash is still under investigation. The pilot had more than 3,000 hours of flying experience and the plane was new, considering it was bought in March 2016 and had only flown 809 hours.

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Please pray for the deceased.

Surprisingly, the plane debris was found north of the last known location of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. This is strange.

Amnesty International warns Myanmar

Myanmar has come under heavy criticism for its army’s forceful treatment of the Muslim Rohingya minority. International Human Rights group like Amnesty International criticised the Myanmar military of mass murder, rape and looting.

Amnesty has also released a report that mentions all the callous and deplorable actions of the Myanmar military on civilians. This military outage is said to be because of the October 9 outposts in Rakhine state that killed nine police officers. This is not the first civil tension in Rakhine. In 2012, the fighting and violence left hundreds of people dead.

Amnesty also mentioned that the amount of damage is yet unknown because the military closed Rakhine to aid workers and any outer observers. Eyewitnesses have confirmed acts of rape and murder. In fact, in a November 12 attack, the military used helicopter guns and showered bullets on a village of people with nothing but swords as weapons. This was even corroborated by the Myanmar Army officials.

Amnesty has also said that Myanmar military is torching villages, as around 1,200 burned structures could be seen via satellites. They also released a statement that the repressive government policies are radicalising the Rohingya. Read the full article here!

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