Nadal and Warwinka head to finals

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Rafael Nadal won the semi-finals against Dominic Thiem, beating him 6-3, 6-4 and 6-0 for an enduring 2 hours and 7 minutes. This means, Nadal will be in the French Open Finals for the 10th time and this will be his 22nd Grand Slam finals. The semi-final against Thiem showed just how fresh he is feeling and what is he aiming for.

His match with Warinka will also conclude the ATP Rankings as both Nadal and Warwinka are tied for the 2nd and 3rd positions in the table, 1st being taken by Murray.

To make things interesting, it is to be noted that Warwinka has never lost a Grand Slam final, and Nadal has never lost a French Open final! Look out for the final match this Sunday.

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This is amazing. The semi-finals were breath taking, especially how Nadal showed his potential and won all the three sets, the last one with ease. It will be really interesting to see the game on Sunday.

Roland Garros semi-finals

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Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem will be playing the first semi-finals of Men’s singles in Roland Garros, while the second semi-final will be played between Stan Warwinka and Andy Murray.

Andy Murrary currently holds the title of World No. 1.

Warwinka won against Marin Cilic in the quarter-finals, winning all the sets. Murray who, seemed to be lost in the quarter-final match initially, got back up and won against Kei Nishikori.

In the Women’s singles, Simona Halep will be playing against Karolina Pliskova, while the other semi-final will be between Timea Bacsinzsky and jelena Ostapenko.

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Tennis. Every single serve/second/shot counts here. The match between Warwinka and Murray would be interesting to watch. My bet is on Murray!

And again, another title for Federer this year! Miami Open 17.

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King Federer won the Miami Open title on Sunday, after defeating his rival Rafael Nadal.

After returning from his six-month injury, Federer has won big, adding the title of Miami Open to the collection of Australian Open and Indian Wells title in 2017.

Federer won the final in straight sets 6 – 3, 6- 4 to win the Miami Open title, defeating Rafael Nadal, which was his fifth final for the title. It is to be noted that Nadal still hasn’t won any Miami Open finals yet.

Federer mentioned that He was more in fight-mode today, just trying to stay afloat. Physically and emotionally it has been a draining week, I think I did very well. He also stated that he will be take a break for a couple of months till before the French Open begins in late May.

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Well, no words to say here. King Federer rules… so casually. 🙂