CBI books Trinamool Congress’ ministers for bribery

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The CBI on Monday booked 12 top Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders, including MPs and ministers, in connection with the Narada sting operation case, drawing a sharp reaction from the party chief Mamta Banerjee, who called it a ‘political’ game. The list comprises the who’s who of TMC leadership and also an IPS officer.

The sting operation was conducted during April-May 2014, where, as can be seen in the videos, the TMC leaders are seen accepting money from representatives of a fictious company in return for favors.

Mamta Banerjee also commented that the CBI has just filed an FIR but hasn’t proven the guilt. Let them first prove the guilt she said.

The maximum sentence for these crime ranges from five to seven years of imprisonment, and of course, suspension from your post.

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Mamta Banerjee’ss statement of ‘Let them first prove the guilt’ only shows that she is prepared to go to any extremes to make sure that nothing is proven in the court. So ruthless.