A 6.9 earthquake in Chile – no casualties

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A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck Child on April 25th. The quake’s epicenter was about 137 kms from Santiago and 35 kms from the west of Valparaiso. With a depth of only 25 kms, the quake was felt hundred of kilometers away. However, no serious damage was done.

The residents, along with children, headed for the hills in an orderly manner when the tsunami alarm sounded, which was the main reason for no casualties. The tsunami warning was later cancelled and only small waves, as high as 15 cm, were seen, as per the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Even though the quake didn’t do much damage, it was felt as far away as Argentina, on the other side of the Andes.

Strict construction codes also helped the buildings from damage in Chile.

Several aftershocks including two of magnitudes 5.0 and 5.4 were recorded in the same spot and could be felt in Santiago.

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Pray that no one is missing, and that life gets back to normal as soon as possible.

Colombia Landslide

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Heavy rainfall on Friday night, about 130 mm which was about 30% of monthly rainfall in one night,  led to a sudden rise in rivers and caused a mudslide in the town of Mocoa, a town of 40,000 in Colombia’s Amazon basin.

The mudslide is said to have swept away homes, bridges, vehicles and trees. The Colombian Red Cross has put the number of confirmed deaths at 200, and it is still unclear how many people are missing. Atleast 203 people were injured, some 300 families were affected and 25 homes destroyed.

Marta Ceballos, a 44-year old street vendor, said that The only things I fortunately did not lose were my husband, my daughters and my nephews.

A senior United Nations official had said that Climate Change played a big role in the cause of these floods and landslides that had hit the Pacific rim of South America severely in the recent months.

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Please pray for the deceased, and wish people are able to recover their loved ones who are missing.


Earthquake felt in northern Australia and Indonesia

An earthquake, an undersea-quake, hit about 278 kilometres east-northeast of Dili in East Timor at a depth of 158 kilometres. The 6.5 magnitude quake was felt in northern Australia and some parts of Indonesia. Residents in Darwin reported widespread shaking, but there were no reports of damage. No tsunami warning was issued.

The Darwin based Bureau of Meteorology said that people on the third floor were shaken from the quake, and that ‘it lasted several minutes’. In Indonesia, residents in the southwest of the Moluccas island chain felt the quake although there were no reports of damage or casualties. Read the full article here.

Solomon Islands earthquake! Fortunately no casualties yet

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near the islands that is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. The earthquake was said to be originated at a depth of 40 km at 17:38 GMT Thursday.

Following the earthquake, the sea level was noted to have risen by 43 cm in New Caledonia, south of the epicentre. The Hawaii based PTWC issued a Tsunami warning for the Solomon Islands and other neighbouring islands but later cancelled its warning. However, being on the cautious side, Authorities in New Caledonia ordered people on the east coast and in the Loyalty islands to move to higher ground.
Martin Karani, a politician, told that the southern part was the hardest hit. He said that the waves had taken away the canoes and some of the beach houses, but all the villagers had already left for safer areas, hence there had been no reported casualties yet.

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Many dead in Indonesian Earthquake

In a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Aceh province, Indonesia’s Sumatra island on Wednesday, 25 people have already been confirmed dead. Many have been reported injured with broken bones and other injuries.

Heavy machines are being used to pick up the remnants of broken shops, homes and mosques. Some people are still trapped beneath the rubble, alive and dead, and authorities are putting in all their efforts in the rescue operations.

No tsunami warning has been issued yet. Indonesia lies in the Pacific ring of fire where tectonic plates collide. Hence, there are frequent earthquakes in the region.

Another 6.5 magnitude earthquake had already taken place in West Sumatra, early in June this year. Read the whole article here!

Pray for the departed souls and Wish for quick recovery for those injured.