Journal #13

“Listen to that voice that tells you what you could do. Nothing will define your character more than that.” – Steven Spielberg

Journal Day 13, March 10th

So today is a Sunday again, and as usual it was the rest day. No exercise or jog. No work or blog.

Woke up, showered later in the afternoon, read a book (I recommend reading HBR On Strategic Marketing, the case studies are actually interesting).

In the evening played a little tennis until I hit the ball on the other side and had to sign off for the day. I suppose that was the only little exercise (plus some skipping rope) I got today. Then went off with family to have a cup of coffee. It is actually so peaceful to have that and talk about random things! Try it!

Now I am watching motivational videos on YouTube (Highly recommended: No Excuses). Also watched another episode of Black Lightning on Netflix today (This is a rather contrast)

How as your day?


Journal #12

“Continuous efforts – not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

Here is Day 12. March 9th.

Today started okay, cleared up a confusion with a customer, and then had to think long for the correct product for them.

A walk around the manufacturing unit is always interesting when you reach workplace. Although there are new obstacles everyday, there are solutions as well.

Walked around quite a lot today, though it is good for the body rather than sitting at the desk, it sure is tiring as well.

Coming back home bought a new mobile for Mom. It was priceless to see how glad she was on getting it. 😊

Later watched a couple of episodes of Black Lightning on Netflix. I would say that the show is okay, could have been a little more character depth.

Journal #3

“Take the leap. Push yourself and do whatever you need to do. Getting over your fear is the key to moving forward and being successful.” – Simon Huck

Today is the third day! In short, now it is slowly becoming a habit. SO how was your day?
My day started with a jog again, followed by a 30 minute freelectics session! This was certainly better than yesterday (with only jog).
Then went to study, have got a marketing assignment to plan/sell a tour package of my city to a fictional individual/family. Let’s see how it goes.
Office was okay, it is very hard to establish a relationship with a customer, and very easy to break it. So think twice before you say or write anything!

Coming home watch an episode of ‘The umbrella academy’ on netflix. Seriously, I need to be a little productive and read a book.

Also my parents 25th anniversary is in a week, but I am not able to make my mind on any particular gift. Choosing gift is such a difficult task. Any ideas?

Quick Tip: Always drink a couple of glasses of warm water when you wake up. It helps keep the stomach clean if you continue this habit.

Netflix to set up fourth Asian office in India

#Netflix #technology #India #VideoStreaming #internet

India has emerged as one of Netflix’s three largest mobile phone markets around the world. Reed Hastings, the Chief Executive of Netflix said that his company wants to set up a full-fledged office in India, invest in creating content and open up more payment platforms for consumers.

Netflix, that has around 4.9 million subscribers in India of its 44 million global users outside the US, wants to be the first to eliminate buffering while at the same time working on technology that enables content to stream on speeds of 100kbps.

Netflix service will now be available on DTH platforms of Bharti Airtel and Videocon. Netflix also tied up a carrier billing agreement with Vodafone India. Trying to reach out to more Indian internet users, Netflix has plans to tie up with Reliance Jio.

Netflix will set up its Mumbai office, its fourth in Asia, after Tokyo, Singapore and Taiwan. The Mumbai office will be as large as Tokyo office.

Read the full article here.