Afters months I start,
This time to Spain;
In the month of January,
With some snow and rain.

I reached a day earlier,
so that I could relax;
A peaceful night at the hotel,
To sleep and recharge max.

The trip started today,
When others are here;
While getting into the bus,
We introduce ourselves in name.

The first day was interesting,
We got to our hotel;
The day went in settling
And taking in the new smell.

At night there was a party,
Just like any other day;
We walked to the club,
After seven glasses we lay.

Waking up the next day,
I didn’t remember how I got in the bed;
While walking on the way,
I even hit a tree, they said.

That morning we went to a church,
Although I still had a headache;
But that place was so beautiful,
That it took my breath away.

The next city was Madrid,
Where we saw the astonishing architecture;
The gate, the station, the garden,
Impeccable designs wherever you venture.

The last stop was Granada city,
Where we saw a soccer match;
Was it against Barcelona, a pity,
Lionel Messi scored a hat trick.

The morning was at the beach,
The afternoon spent at the stadium;
So the night was to be obviously,
Danced away in radiance.

Again it happened I think,
Getting drunk at the night club;
But considering it was the last day,
Not drinking anything was snubbed.

And there everyone got shots,
We all danced all night;
Even getting lost in the streets,
Till the hotel came up in sight.

Waking up in the afternoon
Somehow I was back in bed;
Considering I had to leave soon,
Farewell to everyone I said.