Journal #7

"Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." - Albert Einstein Day 7, February 27th. Today was tough. Woke up with a stomach ache, probably because of whatever I ate yesterday. I had to skip college as well as work because of it. Then there were … Continue reading Journal #7

Moroccon tourist murders

A couple of tourists in Morocco were 'beheaded' during their trip. Although the culprit has not been confirmed as of now, the police has arrested a dual Swiss-Spanish national. The man was also found trying to recruit Moroccans "to carry out terrorist plots". The victims were Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, … Continue reading Moroccon tourist murders

Drive Carefully… Esp on highways with no reflectives!

A 50 vehicle pile up happened in Ambala, Haryana on Saturday morning (December 29th), killing seven people and injuring more than four people. As per the initial investigations, a truck coming from the opposite direction, rammed into two cars on the Ambala-Chandigarh National Highway due to poor visibility owing to heavy fog. Bus and Truck … Continue reading Drive Carefully… Esp on highways with no reflectives!

Passed: Triple Talaq Bill

Is it a bliss that the Triple Talaq bill has passed Lok Sabha? Most people while applauding the bill have condemned one major issue in the bill, which is the criminalizing of the Triple Talaq offense. Rather than keeping it a civil offense, the punishment has been changed to criminal i.e. the men involved with … Continue reading Passed: Triple Talaq Bill


There is a need that this has, A need to attract more people; Because thats the only way to get, To the top, make the others feeble. So what do they do to achieve this, They just make it more interesting; Or rather, more dramatic at that, Thats how they improve their listing. These journalist … Continue reading Journews

Why religion!?

Why even news websites have articles with such headings!? It's more important for the people to know people from which religion were killed rather than hat their was a suicide bomber who killed people? Is this the way we have come to live now...?

Another USS collision

#collision #news #navy #US #USSMcCain #JohnSMcCain #army #military #Singapore #7thFleet #Fitzgerald Yes. Another US Navy ship, USS John S. McCain, a guided missile destroyer, collided with Alnic MC, a Liberian flagged 183-metre long oil/chemical tanker. However, the ship was not loaded full of oil for cargo, which would have stopped any major incident. The incident … Continue reading Another USS collision


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News and other stuff

#news #website #livesid #quotes #stories #blogging So, almost in a week or two, I will make a new blog where I will blog about the news article that I post on this website everyday. Any suggestions on what should be the name for it? 😀 And it will be just the quotes, stories, poems, and … Continue reading News and other stuff

CNN, NYT, LA Times, BuzzFeed barred from White House briefing

#CNN #NYT #news #WhiteHouse #Trump #President #SeanSpicer Trump has often criticized the "fake news" that some news organizations keep spreading around. Reporters from CNN, NYT, Politico, LA Times, BuzzFeed were barred from an off-camera briefing held by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Friday. Other organizations like Reuters, Bloomberg, CBS and around 8 … Continue reading CNN, NYT, LA Times, BuzzFeed barred from White House briefing