Journal #7

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” – Albert Einstein

Day 7, February 27th.

Today was tough. Woke up with a stomach ache, probably because of whatever I ate yesterday. I had to skip college as well as work because of it.

Then there were news that both India and Pakistan have shot down each other’s fighter jet, while an IAF pilot has been caught by the Pakistan army. As per the footage, they seem to be treating him with respect as per the Geneva convention. I pray for his safety and quick return.

Let us also pray that countries never go to war with each other.

Just to get some air I went out in the evening, tried to look for some birthday gift for myself but wasn’t able to decide on one. 😅

Then again, came back, had dinner, took medicine and went to bed.

So slow a day this has been.

Moroccon tourist murders

A composite image shows two blonde women in an outdoor environmentA couple of tourists in Morocco were ‘beheaded‘ during their trip. Although the culprit has not been confirmed as of now, the police has arrested a dual Swiss-Spanish national. The man was also found trying to recruit Moroccans “to carry out terrorist plots”.

The victims were Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, who had arrived in Morocco on December 9th on a month-long vacation. Both of them had been studying outdoor activities at the University of Southeastern Norway. Their bodies were found in their tent.

A minute of silence was observed in the capital Rabat with Danish and Norwegian diplomats present. There were hundreds of people present at the vigil in the southern village of Imlil, where the women’s bodies were found.

No one can understand the reason terrorists or people do such activities. It is beyond rational comprehension. Following such methods, for what cause? Do they just enjoy it? Do they have no remorse? Because of such people, the world has become a place to be trusted even less. People have to be even more cautious at all times, governments spend even more on defence.
Is this the world that will continue on?

Reference: Morocco tourist murders

Drive Carefully… Esp on highways with no reflectives!

haryana road accident ambala chandigarh

A 50 vehicle pile up happened in Ambala, Haryana on Saturday morning (December 29th), killing seven people and injuring more than four people. As per the initial investigations, a truck coming from the opposite direction, rammed into two cars on the Ambala-Chandigarh National Highway due to poor visibility owing to heavy fog.

Bus and Truck drivers have been called out several times in India due to their rash driving, with accidents happening frequently.
“The victims, who were in two cars, were on their way from Chandigarh to Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. They had stopped on the highway as one of the cars developed a snag and the heavy vehicle rammed into their cars from behind in the heavy fog.”

Police said the driver of the unidentified heavy vehicle escaped from the spot. Such is the human behavior, running away from the incident even after making such a serious mistake. Hopefully justice will be served soon.

At the same time, what is the best way to stop any such incidents from happening in the future? Use of proper reflectives, side-rails along the roads are things that the government should consider while making national highways. At the same time strict regulations should be placed on speed especially that of heavy vehicles.

Reference: 7 killed in Ambala-Chandigarh highway

Passed: Triple Talaq Bill

Is it a bliss that the Triple Talaq bill has passed Lok Sabha?

Most people while applauding the bill have condemned one major issue in the bill, which is the criminalizing of the Triple Talaq offense. Rather than keeping it a civil offense, the punishment has been changed to criminal i.e. the men involved with such issues as Triple Talaq might face Jail time. However, no other religion has had such a harsh punishment in this category as of now.

At the same time, it is a big win for Muslim women, who can finally get a chance to state their opinions and reasons in the court and not let any men cheat or ridicule them by saying a mere three words.

A few opinions are of the fact that the bill has been hastely passed in the Lok Sabha due to the upcoming 2019 political elections, and gain the votes of Muslim individuals in the country.
At the same time it is to be noted that Mr. Amit Shah tweeted “This is a historic step ensuring equality and dignity for the Muslim women. Congress and other parties must apologise for decades of injustice towards Muslim women.The usage of such words and linking political parties in the same makes you question the very intent of passing the bill.

Reference: Times of India – Triple Talaq Bill BJP lauds


There is a need that this has,
A need to attract more people;
Because thats the only way to get,
To the top, make the others feeble.

So what do they do to achieve this,
They just make it more interesting;
Or rather, more dramatic at that,
Thats how they improve their listing.

These journalist who would mend anything,
Be it truth, or false, be it day or night;
Not caring about how it will affect,
The people living and their minds.

Some do provide the correct information,
But the number who don’t;
Are much more than you can count,
Like a drop of water in a pond.

How can this be corrected,
How can this be regulated;
It shouldn’t be done by the law,
But rather the ethics of the posted.

Let this be and they will soon realize,
They have the power to save so many lives;
Not just increase the number of hits per article,
But spread the actual facts with those swipes.


Another USS collision

#collision #news #navy #US #USSMcCain #JohnSMcCain #army #military #Singapore #7thFleet #Fitzgerald

Yes. Another US Navy ship, USS John S. McCain, a guided missile destroyer, collided with Alnic MC, a Liberian flagged 183-metre long oil/chemical tanker. However, the ship was not loaded full of oil for cargo, which would have stopped any major incident. The incident happened early morning east of Singapore.

At least 10 sailors are said to be missing, and 5 others have been hurt, according to the Navy’s 7th fleet.

This is the second incident from the Navy’s 7th fleet in just two months, the first one involving the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship that killed 7 sailors in waters off Japan. After the incident, the captain of Fitzgerald was relieved of command, and some sailors were punished due to poor seamanship.

The USS McCain is named for the father and grandfather of US Republican Senator John McCain, who were both admirals in the US Navy.

Read the full article here

Read the full article here

Please pray for the deceased, and hope for speedy recovery for those injured.

This is astonishing. Two US Navy incidents in just two-three months. According to officials, this is probably due to lack of proper seamanship, as was the case in USS Fitzgerald incident.

News and other stuff

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So, almost in a week or two, I will make a new blog where I will blog about the news article that I post on this website everyday. Any suggestions on what should be the name for it? 😀

And it will be just the quotes, stories, poems, and other such stuff on this website.

CNN, NYT, LA Times, BuzzFeed barred from White House briefing

#CNN #NYT #news #WhiteHouse #Trump #President #SeanSpicer

Trump has often criticized the “fake news” that some news organizations keep spreading around. Reporters from CNN, NYT, Politico, LA Times, BuzzFeed were barred from an off-camera briefing held by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Friday. Other organizations like Reuters, Bloomberg, CBS and around 8 others were included in the session.

Off-camera gaggles are not unusual. The White House often invites handpicked outlets in for breifings, typically for specific topics. But briefings and gaggles in the White House are usually open to all outlets and they are free to ask anything.

The White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) also protested against the decisions of the gaggle held by the White House.

The news giant did tweet on Friday afternoon that, “This is an unacceptable development by the Trump White House. Apparently this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don’t like. We’ll keep reporting regardless.

Read the full article here.