The Office-sphere.

I want to create something new, something interesting. Something worthwhile for people as well as for my employees. But I just have this thought, that too every morning and then I can’t find a solution for that throughout the day, Aniruddh thought again today, Perhaps I am not satisfied with what I am doing currently. I need change. This business, I did inherit from my father but even after working here since the past five years, I still want something more out of life.

Yet again Aniruddh got lost in thought as he was having lunch at the office canteen. He had been sitting there for an hour and none of the employees had dared to ask if something was wrong. How can they ask the Director of the company if something was wrong.

It took another thirty minutes, when Aniruddh’s phone beeped of the next To-do task for the day. He looked at the time in his phone, checked again on the wall clock, got up and hurried back to his office cabin.

Man, I don’t want to be late for the general meeting. How does it look when the Director himself is late for the meeting. And then there is the issue with Production and Maintenance team, always arguing with each other. God, will there be a time when these two will get along, Aniruddh thought as he picked up his diary and walked towards the meeting room.

As he reached, he could already realize the sounds of ‘subtle’ arguments. Maybe somethings don’t ever change, he thought and smiled, and now there will be complete silence.

And so it was, as soon as soon as he entered the room.

⁃ Siddarth

The needed trip

Veer hurled the ball-size wrapped paper on his computer monitor, which hit the screen and fell on the table. Just moments ago, the same paper was denied by his boss.

He had printed and filled the leave application due to exhaustion, and had realized in the morning that he needed to get out of the office for a while. Probably a month. Or more like a week. And now he was plain annoyed by his boss, for rejecting the leave application.

Veer got up from his seat, and walked in the direction of his boss’ office. He clenched his fists as he slowly rolled up his sleeves, first the left and then the right. He side-eyed the office, where his boss was having a discussion with a few other employees, and then walked past it to go to the restroom.

At the sink, he splashed some cold water and looked at the mirror thinking, “Again the same moment that everyone sees in the restroom of your office. Here is my old self, 10 years from now, with white hair and a new suit & tie, and the same job. The same position as now.”

Veer kept looking at the mirror for a whole minute, after which he was woken up by someone poking him on the shoulder. He looked around and gasped “Boss!?”

Trump said, “I kept calling out your minute for what felt like a decade. What is wrong with you Veer! You look tired.”

“I am sorry sir.”

“It’s okay, it is better to go back to your seat and get work done rather than standing here.”

“Yes boss. I will go.”

“One more thing. You can take the holiday from Saturday to Monday, next week. Is that okay? You know we are throat-deep in orders right now, and we need all the hands we could for the time.”

Veer looked up at his boss, his eyes made contact to Trump’s. He managed to control his emotions and replied, “of course boss. That works fine too. Thank you for thinking about me.”

Trump replied, “It’s okay Veer. I want the best for my employees. I think about you all the time.”


He corrected, “I mean all employers think about how can they make it easier for the employees to handle their job. After all, I was also in the same position at one time. So I understand.”

Veer nodded and thanked him again before leaving for his valuable seat.

He threw the ball shaped application on his desk, printed and filled a new one with the new dates, and went to his boss to get it signed thinking, “Let me get this signed right now or else he will forget later and this will all but be a dream.”

“I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.” – Rosamund Pike