A Venus Odyssey after Mars

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It has been nearly three years since India sent it’s Mars orbiter on its first attempt, and now the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to do a similar mission for Venus.

ISRO has already invited proposals for space-based experiments to be carried out in the Venus mission. May 19 is the last date for the proposals to be received. The planned mission will carry scientific instruments weighing around 175 kg which is 10 times more than the scientific payload carried by the Mars Orbiter.

The proposed orbit is expected to be around 500 x 60,000 km around Venus. ISRO will likely be undertaking the Venus mission in 2021/2022.

Venus has a size, mass, density, bulk composition and gravity almost similar to that of Earth, and hence is often described as Earth’s twin sister.

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To Venus now! But I would rather have some scientists searching and reaching exoplanets. It’s an area that interests me most.