This Girl

There is just something about this girl,
And the way she smiles at me;
The whole world suddenly calms down,
And the only thing visible is her.

I do talk to her at times,
Sometimes on text, or on call;
And yet it never feels enough,
Until I come and hug her tough.

Looking in her eyes is so peaceful,
As she talks about her day;
I often get lost in the brightness,
And the heart always makes me say.

“You are so beautiful, and practical,
With you, I really want to be;
There is just something about this girl,
And the way she smiles at me.”


World Cup!!

It’s a person’s natural instinct to defend and cheer for their national team. That doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t enjoy the sport or hates the other team. This desire to side with a team is the passion that drives the spectators for a sport, and in the process they also admire the players who actually perform well irrespective of the team.

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Roger Federer

I always questions myself in the best of times. Even when I was World #1 for many months in a row.

What can I improve? What do I need to change?

If you don’t do anything or you just do the same thing over and over again, you stay the same. Staying the same means going backwards. It’s important for me to actually hear criticism sometimes. That’s what makes me a better player.


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Have you ever looked at the mirror, in your eyes? You had realized that’s they are empty, so you lower your gaze.

It’s a sign. You are missing something out.

Solution: Try something… anything that interests you. It’s the right way to live.