Have you ever seen?

Have you seen a person who is saved,
Rescued and given a chance to live;
Look at the expression in their eyes,
That’s one time that humans don’t lie.

Have you seen a person who is in love,
Pursuing the other without a question;
They seem to be blinded by the light,
Yet for them, it’s the best moments in life.

Have you seen a person who like a mother,
She carries you through all nine months;
And when she glances a look at your face,
All she can feel is peace, pride and care

Have you seen a person who cleans everyday,
They clean and work without recognition;
Doing one of important jobs of society,
Just to keep hygiene, making people thrive.

Have you ever seen those people,
Ones mentioned above and many more;
These who spread peace and happiness,
Just for us to live and enjoy to the core.

Journal #7

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” – Albert Einstein

Day 7, February 27th.

Today was tough. Woke up with a stomach ache, probably because of whatever I ate yesterday. I had to skip college as well as work because of it.

Then there were news that both India and Pakistan have shot down each other’s fighter jet, while an IAF pilot has been caught by the Pakistan army. As per the footage, they seem to be treating him with respect as per the Geneva convention. I pray for his safety and quick return.

Let us also pray that countries never go to war with each other.

Just to get some air I went out in the evening, tried to look for some birthday gift for myself but wasn’t able to decide on one. 😅

Then again, came back, had dinner, took medicine and went to bed.

So slow a day this has been.

Malala: Youngest United Nations Messenger of Peace

#UN #MalalaYousafzai #NobelPrize #student #girls #international #peace #MessengerofPeace

Malala Yousafzai, 19, is already the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. She was shot in the head on her school bus in 2012 by a Taliban gunman. Taliban mentioned that an act of punishment for girls who go to school, which defied the militant Islamic’s group ban on female education.

However, she has been campaigning globally since then, when she was rushed to Britain for treatment. She has also studies and even set up a fund (Malala Fund) to support girls’ in developing countries.

She was awarded the nobel prize in 2014, and will now be appointed as United Nations Messenger of Peace, on Monday by UN Security-General Antonio Guterres.

Read the full article here

All I have to say, You go girl!! Also, everyone reading this should help out and be supportive of gender equality.