When being emotional…

A day passed, and it was slow, Very numb, shouting in the inside; I kept avoiding the recent lows, In hopes that the dreams won’t subside. Morning came, and there were no greets, I missed the words throughout the day; Somehow the evening passed without a call, Seemingly making us drift farther away. You are … Continue reading When being emotional…

This Girl

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Life is debt

A life is a token of debt, Where you keep filling the money; But what it simply needs is love, To clear the debt in the blink of eye. It's your choice to choose the path, One is of comfort, whereas the other, It is filled with convenience, Yet, there is no love to show. … Continue reading Life is debt

Moving to the end

People live across the world, Hoping to build a world; But a few idiots are always present, To make everyone remind the past. No matter how the things are, No matter if things turned out well; Such creatures will always call, On the things that made it all fell. Why do you even listen, To … Continue reading Moving to the end

‘Enough’ effort

When you put efforts across different work, And don't have complete control on the consequence; Does it frustrate you to be so helpless, While others ask you to work and not be a nuisance. How do you tell them that you are trying, You follow a schedule doing different things; All of them are productive … Continue reading ‘Enough’ effort


What matters more is to win, To win at this game called life; To be better and wealthier, From anyone who is in sight. And they say, it's a sham, The money, the competition; If not for that then tell me, Why else did you learn? Yearning to score better, A student studies all night; … Continue reading Money-Comfort

The Correct choice?

How do you choose, what is better, The option A that gives you money; Or B that gives you comfort, Which one, do you think, is sunny? Read more...

Can’t find Motivation?

Waking up in the morning, You are the first thing I desire; Even letting go of the soft blanket, Is tough without your presence sire. Motivation, having you in life, Helps you out a great deal; For some it is the trophy at top, For others it's to earn a meal. For some, there just … Continue reading Can’t find Motivation?

Our Weakness

There is a way, as they say, To find the solution and make; Between the clumsiness of reality, And the strictness of the fake. Night after night, I wake up, Wondering about the riddle of life; Placing my palm on my head, Slowly moving to the edge of knife. Things are not revealed, So do … Continue reading Our Weakness