The Path none crossed

You are here, and yet you stopped,
Because the path ahead, appears blocked;
Then searching for the right path around,
Appears a small one that none crossed.

You question the long road ahead,
So you search for much better options;
And yet in the end, the best one is,
The same path that no one crossed.

You take a step ahead, and turn around,
Afraid, excited, maintaining the poise;
The question again runs through your mind,
“Is this the best, safest and soundest of all?”

You hesitate a little, as it gets lonely,
Reaching halfway, you can’t see people;
Questioning your existence, and this life,
And closing your eyes as you step ahead.

You move forward, and then you realize,
This was the path you should pursue;
It is right, and yet no one crossed,
Because it belonged to you, and you alone.


Hidden song of a man

Do you know the one who doesn’t cry,
Laughing it out loud at all times,
Showing his teeth, trimming his beard,
He looks at the mirror as time flies.

Do you know why he doesn’t cry,
Is it because the society doesn’t accept,
Or he needs to be strong for someone,
And console them while they ooze tears.

Do you know if he wants to cry,
Because he puts a smile on his face,
Whether it’s low score or low salary,
While his heart is solving life’s maze.

Do you know ‘what if’ he cries,
There are millions stronger than him,
Or so they would appear to be,
Hence don’t drop a tear in that fear.

So you know when he cries,
Yes, He does that while lying in the night,
As he stares up at the stars,
Gazing at their beauty and shedding tears.


Happy Woman’s Day!

Let us celebrate this special day,
Remembering the woman who led the way;
For they were changing the history,
Whether it was October, or May.

Harriet Tubman, the railroad conductor,
Who advocated civil and women’s’ rights;
As a nurse as well as a spy,
Showed woman how to stand with pride.

Then there was Anne Frank, whose diary,
Still breathes of the life in Germany;
It is a journal with much hope and faith,
Even while being surrounded by enemy.

And we all remember Mother Teresa,
Who devoted her life to the poor;
Helping, Feeding, Sheltering them,
She gave thousands a front door.

Oprah can be seen everywhere now,
Working and reporting every single day;
The confidence she faced all her obstacles,
Is motivation in itself, all the people say.

At this age, everyone knows of Madonna,
The singer, the actress, the businesswoman;
She is all, but what she is at the core,
Is the confident bold woman one wants.

And yet, there are so many more,
Who have changed the way of the world;
Don’t you forget the worth of a woman,
For she is the one who raise you with care!

The Unreal Boss

You are called many things,
Whether it’s CEO, Director or Boss;
You head the company,
And care about it in profit or loss.

As you step in the office first,
Greeted by most of the employees;
Smiling and greeting them back,
Even though thousands of things plague your mind.

As you go through the day and work,
You see the good and bad decisions;
Accepting the good and rejecting the bad,
You ask them to rework before finalization.

You try to look at the best of employees,
And motivate the ones who are going slow;
Creating an understanding atmosphere at work,
And making the company’s work glow.

You have lunch in your cabin,
Then get up to take a round;
Looking at what everyone is doing,
Reaching out to the helpless sound.

By the evening as everyone leaves,
You look up from your laptop;
Seeing the people wave at each other,
As you type in more about the projected drop.

As the clock strikes 9, it is finally done,
And it is time to be spent at home;
You summarize the moments of the day,
And think tomorrow’s topic in advance.


Outside Inside

You saw the outside,

The exterior, the beauty;

But what lies inside,

To know, isn’t your duty?

His ambition, his dream,

Always were strong;

Persistent, like a stream,

Sang the victory song.

He had worked hard,

In night or in bright;

Even if it scarred,

And diminished all light.

When defeated he rose,

Rose again from the ashes;

And made that brave pose,

Not afraid of anymore clashes.

But all you see, is the glass,

The paint glowing in the sky;

Because there is no class,

To answer the how or why.

So, friend, next time you say,

That he is big and fortunate;

Think of the hours he had to stay,

Working alone and late.

– Siddarth

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Just continuing the rhythm

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I took the leap, without thinking of the height,

When I saw down by the river in the light

On reaching, I embraced you with all my might

To be sure, to never let go for countless nights.

— Siddarth

The night

#rhymes #night #me #light #life #poems

What have you gotten from the night,

That had ripped you from the existence of light?

I got to understand another light,

That was here since long, but I had failed to realize.