Everyone I see has a story,Whether big ones or small;Some are lost in the way of life,And some enjoy with us all. So I met a person, who is the latter,While I live being the former;A person who enjoys helping,And one who speaks up for the right. I would rather stay away from this,People are … Continue reading Change

Hesitant steps.

It's distributed in levels,The love I have for you;Hesitant to take every step,Is the next one already due? What if I take the next step,But all there is just darkness;Will you be the light to guide me,Or leave me longing for some brightness? I really want to climb further,If you would allow me to;Else there … Continue reading Hesitant steps.


Whether it’s our parents, or the friends,We hardly show gratitude for what they do;And yet everytime a stranger helps us,We smile at them and say ‘Thank you’? Perhaps even I am such a person,And maybe, even you are too;What we could do is support each other,Living alone can only be done by few. Then again, … Continue reading Thoughts.

Haphazard Life

In this haphazard life, we lost,We lost the way that we once saw;Why was everything clear earlier,Who made us forget what once was raw. We leaned on each other,Without much battling an eye;But have our egos grown this much,That truth is less spoken than a lie. Where then, did we lose our way,Going through this … Continue reading Haphazard Life


It’s a long fight, this virus,Attacking regardless of race;Doctors swarming around,Saving some, keeping the pace. So let’s put their hearts at ease,Cheering them on each success;There might be failures of course,Doesn’t mean they put efforts less. Clapping in the background,And sharing respectful videos;Are good and appreciative,But the priority is no-shows. Don’t show up for that … Continue reading Doctors.


I remember when you were here,Never taking my eyes off you;The striking appearance of that smile,Made me love every subtle wrinkle. I remember when you were here,Both of us would manage the chores;Some of the food that you made,So bad, yet I miss it now even more. I remember when you were here,Talking about the … Continue reading Forever.

This Girl

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Hidden song of a man

Do you know the one who doesn't cry, Laughing it out loud at all times, Showing his teeth, trimming his beard, He looks at the mirror as time flies. Do you know why he doesn't cry, Is it because the society doesn't accept, Or he needs to be strong for someone, And console them while … Continue reading Hidden song of a man

‘Enough’ effort

When you put efforts across different work, And don't have complete control on the consequence; Does it frustrate you to be so helpless, While others ask you to work and not be a nuisance. How do you tell them that you are trying, You follow a schedule doing different things; All of them are productive … Continue reading ‘Enough’ effort