This Girl

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Hidden song of a man

Do you know the one who doesn't cry, Laughing it out loud at all times, Showing his teeth, trimming his beard, He looks at the mirror as time flies. Do you know why he doesn't cry, Is it because the society doesn't accept, Or he needs to be strong for someone, And console them while … Continue reading Hidden song of a man

‘Enough’ effort

When you put efforts across different work, And don't have complete control on the consequence; Does it frustrate you to be so helpless, While others ask you to work and not be a nuisance. How do you tell them that you are trying, You follow a schedule doing different things; All of them are productive … Continue reading ‘Enough’ effort

Past, Dark, Light, Fight!

The things of the past, That haunt us in the dark; Will lead to the light, Because of our will to fight.

The Stalker’s love

When you are down, left me lift you up, Let me be the strangest thing you see; Wherever you are, remember my name, I love you with my heart, without any fee. I follow you around, when you step out, Seeing that dazzling hair out in the sun; Its one of the perks of waking … Continue reading The Stalker’s love

The Mobile Poem: Reality

You are my morning, and my noon, You are the evening, even under the moon; The love of this life might never stop by, I assure that you are mine from July to June. Always staying here holding my hand, You come in different designs; When I look at you, you look at me, But … Continue reading The Mobile Poem: Reality

Five impressions

As you are born, you feel the warmth, The beauty of life, in the touch of a hand; And you get mesmerized by a lot, That you wrap your fingers around like a band. Words can't be spoken, and you feel thirsty, And without a word, a hand hugged you close; You tasted something for … Continue reading Five impressions

The effortless Mind

You keep thinking all the time, Whether it is good or bad; Going through the phases of life, You realize what you didn't have. Initially everything was so simple, You had to be awake and look; You cried at times, laughed at others, Your thoughts were like an open book. Then you learned to walk, … Continue reading The effortless Mind

The Firsts

Ignore the signs, follow the heart, Lower your head, rise like a star; Inside the mind, many questions arise, Kissing your hand, all worries go afar. Establish the code, now we follow, Yours is freedom, mine is a cage; Our relationship, this way it blossoms, Under this roof, is written every page. As we live … Continue reading The Firsts