Is this a joke to people? Do you understand that everyone is rejoicing over people being killed, bodies being burned, bombs being exploded!

Who the enemy is is now completely out of the equation now, and India or Pakistan are finding a new way to target each other?

People, the enemy are the terrorists! Those who take innocent lives just to force there own propaganda on others! They should be the target, and India or Pakistan should both focus on eliminating this threat of Terrorism before it takes even more lives!

Both these countries were one till 1947, before the “Britishers” separated them as now most of the time they are fighting at the border.

Please understand that war will bring nothing good other than taking even more lives. Think about the soldiers of your own country! They have families too. They want to live too!

India criticizes Pakistan at UN

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Pakistan accused India for the way minorities are treated in India during the UN meeting, and Indian had a fitting reply to the Pakistan representative.

India called Pakistan a country that has alienated its own people through continued mistreatment of Hindus, Christians, Shias, Ahmadiyas, and other minorities. Pakistan referred to the situation of minorities in India, without carefully reviewing the facts that minorities in India have been the country’s Prime Ministers, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, senior cabinet ministers, senior civil servants, cricket team captains and even Bollywood stars. Is it possible to say the same for minorities of Pakistan?

India also raised issues on Kashmir that Pakistan has forcibly occupied in the past (PoK – Pakistan occupied Kashmir). It is unfortunate that in recent times the people of PoK have become victims of sectarian conflict, terrorism and extreme economic hardship because of Pakistan’s occupation and discriminatory policies.

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