Policemen killed in Anantnag, Kashmir

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Six policemen travelling towards Anantnag town in a Tata Sumo vehicle were killed when militants ambushed them at Thajiwara Achabal. The victims were a Sub Inspector in Achabal and five constables.

The militants started firing and all the policemen were killed. The attack took place 17 km from the spot in Arwani where an encounter between militants and security forces was in progress. The militants are also accused of taking away the AK-47s that the policemen were carrying before running away. They also shot all the policemen at close range after killing them, thereby disfiguring the faces.

The Lashkar-e-Toiba acepted responsibility for the attack, and police mentioned that this was a ‘revenge’ attack since an encounter killed the militant’s local commander Junaid Mattoo.

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This is cowardly and sad. Is there really no way to get rid of all the militants/terrorists? People killing others, and afterwards shooting them at close range so as to disfigure them is complete maniacal, and proves that there isn’t any humanity left in them.

UK terror attack, Trump’s son criticizes London’s mayor Sadiq Khan

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Four people and the attacker were killed, while 40 others were injured in a shocking attack on the iconic Westminster Bridge in London. The attacker used a car to run down several pedestrians, killing four people and leaving many more with severe injuries. The driver then rammed the car into the Parliament fence and fatally stabbed a police officer as he tried to enter the building. The attacker was shot dead by the cops when he tried to enter the building.

Among the injured were French high school students, two Romanian tourists, five South Korean visitors, police officers and a woman who jumped in the Thames river to avoid the car.

The police confirmed that there was only one attacker, however they are still looking for any possible leads.

Leaders from all over the world, including Trump from US, Mrs. Angela Merkel from Germany, Mr. Justin Trudeau from Canada, Mr. Narendra Modi from India, Mr. Francois Hollande from France and many more expressed their sadness for the incident and extended their full support to Britain.

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Oh, and on the contrary (also as should be expected), Mr. Trump Jr. took it to twitter on criticizing Mayor Sadiq Khan just two hours after the attack. He was immediately supported by some people, but many more defended the Mayor and insisted that his Muslim identity would not be a factor as the city comes to grips with the incident. Read here.

I am surprised, what possible motivation can any person have to kill innocent citizens, or students! I can’t comprehend the attacker for this stupid and disgusting attack. You are a coward to do things you want, things you desire the right way, and then you resort to such tactics.

Kindly pray for the deceased, and wish speedy recovery to the injured.

Shooting in Wisconsin, 4 dead

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Three civilians and a police officer were killed in a string of shootings that involved three small communities in central Wisconsin. The suspect was taken into custody by police at an apartment complex in Weston, Wisconsin, following the incident.

The incident began shortly after 1 pm (Central Time) when shots were fired at the Marathon Savings Bank in the town of Rothschild. Only moments later, shots were heard from a law firm in Wausau.

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Please pray for the victims. _/_

Three dead in South Korea after President Park impeached

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President Park Geun-hye was stripped of her powers over a corruption scandal, and this has plunged the country into a political turmoil. The Police braced for more violence between opponents and supporters.

The Police agency was planning to deploy nearly 20,000 officers and hundreds of buses to separate the two crowds, whose rallies had divided the streets near the presidential palace.

The scandal caused the stunning fall of Park Geun-hye, first female leader of South Korea, and is the first President to be impeached since democracy replaced dictatorship in the later 1980s.

A inner civil war is the last thing South Korea wants at the moment, being a country with no President (at least till a new President is appointed in the next 2 months), having high-tensions with North Korea over the firing of missiles and being economically retaliated by China over the installation of US anti-missile system THAAD on it’s soil.

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Just watched Jolly LLB 2 (A Bollywood movie)

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It was interesting and more comic than the first part (Jolly LLB), but I would say in suspense and acting I will still choose he first part over this one.

Still watch it!

I wish People value Justice more.

Thought after the movie: “People say not to chase after money. But in this world, you can’t get justice, you need to buy it.”

Jordan kills four terrorists.

Four terrorists were hiding in a castle in the Southern city of Karak, Jordan after having killed nine people , four civilians and five police officers, during a shoot-out. The terrorists were mentioned to have automatic weapons, large quantities of explosives, weapons and suicide belts earlier, which the police seized in a hideout. However, there was no mention of the terrorists identity or which terror organization they belonged. They could have been ISIS fighters or tribal outlaws with a vengeance.

Government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said, “When we are in a region engulfed with fire from every side you expect that such events happen.” referring to the neighboring countries.

After several hours of gunfire exchange between the gunmen and security forces, the Jordanian security forces were able to kill the four terrorists.

The castle is one of the Jordan’s most popular tourist attractions. Footage shows security forces taking groups of young Asian tourists up the Castle’s steep steps to its main entrance. Read the full article here!

Abandoned car found near Indo-Pak border

Amid rising tensions between the two Asian Countries, India and Pakistan, due to the constant violations of ceasefire on the border, an abandoned car was found in Pathankot’s Pharwal village near the international border.

The car had no number plates on it and had been confiscated by the police. The car was locked when found. Some of the locals also believed that people were firing from the vehicle, after which the villagers chased the vehicle to catch the attackers. However, the occupants of the car fled and left the car behind.

To bring a sense of calmness and peace, all hopes are on President Narendra Modi, how will he react to such crimes. Read the full article here.

Twin blasts in Turkey

Why?! People killing each other, this is insane. Yet another blast in Turkey, outside the Istanbul soccer stadium. 29 people were killed out of which 27 were Police special forces and 2 were civilians. Fortunately most of the fans has already left the stadium after the match was over, and hence there weren’t many civilian casualties. But at least 166 people have been wounded.

The first blast was a car detonation that went off outside the facility known as Besiktas stadium. The second blast was from a suicide bomber a few moment later. The panic and screaming filled the streets and the pavements were littered by broken glasses of nearby buildings.

Turkey has been in a state of emergency following a failed July 15 coup attempt. Turkey is a partner in the US-led coalition against the Islamic State and its armed forces are active in neighboring Syria and Iraq. It is also facing a renewed conflict with an outlawed Kurdish movement in the southeast.

Is there really no solution to all these conflicts? Religion was meant to be a subject of peace and people had the right to choose whichever they wanted. But factions like ISS who kill in the name of God have just put a deep scar on century long religions. Read the full article here!